25 Hilarious Funny Dog Tags To Tickle Your Doggy Bone

Does your dog have a unique personality?

Maybe he is constantly jumping on people because he thinks treats are coming.

Perhaps, she is always chasing her own tail and getting tired.

Do you sometimes wish there was a tag that fit your dog’s unique and funny personality? Well, we here at List25.com may have the answer.

If you want some ideas for funny dog tags, check out these 25 Hilarious Funny Dog Tags To Tickle Your Doggy Bone.


Call my mom. I don't have thumbs.


You’ll have to help this dog out. Get your cellphone, quick!


Well, that was a sh-t idea. Now I'm lost.


For the sarcastic dog who is always running out the front door (or escaping under the fence) and getting lost.


I'm kind of a big deal.


For your arrogant, cocky dog … let them wear it with pride.


I has a wiggle butt.


A perfect collar for the dog that likes to drop it like it’s hot.

Calling all dogs to the dance floor!


If I look lost, rub my belly and call my mom.


This dog tag will let people know that, if your dog is lost, they love belly rubs.

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