25 Hilarious Celebrity Nicknames That Are Similar To Bill Nye The Science Guy

We have a strange relationship with celebrities. On the one hand, we love to follow their lives, we go to see them perform, and we wish we could be like them. On the other hand, we love to hate them, see them fail, and almost enjoy seeing their public meltdowns. It’s basically the definition of a love-hate relationship, so perhaps it’s not surprising when we give them nicknames that bring out their best or worst characteristics. Of course, many celebrities already come with their own nicknames. Today, however, we’re going to be looking at a specific kind of nickname. You could even call these “nick phrases,” just like Bill Nye the Science Guy. In fact, Bill Nye is going to be the framework for all the “nick phrases” listed in this article. The premise is simple. What if every celebrity had a name followed by a descriptor like “the Science Guy”? What would their names be? While some celebrities may be easier to name than others, we’re hoping to at least make you smile with the silly names you are about to read. So, without further ado, these are 25 Hilarious Celebrity Nicknames That Are Similar To Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Featured Image: Ed Schipul via flickr


Rob Ford the Late Drug Lord

Rob FordSource: ProfessorScrappy via reddit, Image: wikipedia

Seth Rogan Needs No Slogan

Seth RoganSource: ChiefWolfy via reddit, Image: wikipedia

Paula Deen the Butter Queen

Paula DeenSource: vstig via reddit, Image: lifescript via flickr

Guy Fieri His Hair is Scary

Guy FieriSource: mindmischiefs via reddit, Image: wikipedia

Weird Al the Parody Pal

Weird AlSource: EnigmaticNinja3 via reddit, Image: wikipedia

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