25 Hilarious Auto-Correct Fails You Won’t Stop Laughing At

Posted by , Updated on October 4, 2017

It’s happened to pretty much all of us…we are texting away and having a good or necessary conversation when suddenly auto-correct makes us look like a fool. While it’s ducking annoying, it also makes for great internet humor. For today’s list, we poured through the DamnYouAutoCorrect.com archives to find you the funniest (yet still family-friendly) auto-correct fails. Think you can relate? Check it out below in 25 Hilarious Auto-Correct Fails You Won’t Stop Laughing At.



Whatever it is, we want some...

auto correct cats

Let’s leave the kitty’s personal choices out of this, okay?


You can never eat just ten.

baby finger chips auto correct

While I can appreciate the humor involved, considering the process of childbirth, I would be reluctant to eat any magical chips the baby brought with them.


Maybe she's on to something...

auto correct internet eating

Internet eating could be convenient and with fewer calories, but for sure not as tasty.


Seems like the wrong sort of blaster.

nerd blaster autocorrect

So, is it a blaster that can only shoot at nerds?  Or a blaster that actually fires nerds as ammunition?  I feel like the latter could do a lot of damage to basically everyone involved.


More intense than spaghetti.


I’m thinking after working hard enough for “spaghetti” legs enough times, you’ll eventually build the muscle to qualify as “ape ghetto.” Sounds intense.


Well now...

reindeer games auto correct

While “normal” is a relative term, we’re a little inclined to agree.


That line is seriously overused.

smores auto correct

With that said though, S’mores are almost guaranteed to be exponentially better in person.


Poor Anthony.

Screenshot 2017-01-30 20.15.38A

He’s probably a nice guy, but grandma knows best!


Vegetables are his secret.


Now you know why your parents made you eat so many vegetables as a child; they have the power to do unprecedented things!


Definitely something you shouldn't forget.


Forget the cherries, and you might disappoint somebody; leave too many carcasses behind, and you’ll have people after you.


Sounds like a musical!

auto correct singing

I don’t know about you, but I’m lucky to even talk in the morning.  There will be no singing, especially before coffee.


The papa has you.

papa morpheus

When not fighting off killer agents and other programs bent on enslaving humanity, Papa Morpheus was quick to download some serious pizza-making skills.  I’m not sure what the jack-o-lantern is for though…


At least he asked first.

kidney party autocorrect

Chunks of what!?

chicken chunks auto correct

It seems the French have a particular aversion to felines, but at least “The Fridge” got a touchdown!


I don't think the pieces add up to the whole.

happy boy autocorrect

If he can stay happy in half, who are we to judge where he divides his time?


Maybe Liz is a gambler...?

lucky lunch autocorrect

All I’m saying is that he never said no…


"Riley" is kind of close to "Grýla"

grilled children autocorrect

I’m just saying if an Icelandic monster was low-key looking for a snack here in the states, the code word might be “chicken.”


Steep Criteria

first lady deposit autocorrect

Obviously, this post is from a few weeks back (at least).  But that said, I really don’t think it’s going to be any easier to come up with Mrs. Trump.


But are you a good one?

casserole autocorrect

This could go a number of ways… a good casserole is heavenly… meanwhile, a bad one is worth avoiding at all costs!


Are you saying they're artificial?

preservatives autocorrect

I had no idea political leanings could affect flavor! The question is how exactly that’s determined…


Space holds many mysteries

uranus pizza autocorrect

Apparently one of them is the awesome pizza on Uranus.


That's quite an entrance!

pyro baby auto correct

I would say that kid is “coming in with a bang,” but it somehow feels even less appropriate.


Dry humor makes the perfect response!

asparagus autocorrect

Safety first!

cat fire autocorrect

Though I really hope this will never be tested, it wouldn’t surprise me.


That's one way to show up to a party.

vomiting autocorrect

All images from damnyouautocorrect.com.

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