25 Highest Paid E-Sports Gamers

It comes to no surprise that professional athletes all over the world are earning salaries in the millions. However, did you know that professional gamers are earning close to those figures as well? Yes, that’s right, there are people who are currently getting paid a crazy amount of money to simply play video games.

Don’t get me wrong, some gamers dedicate their whole lives to developing gaming skills and strategies. Zhou Yang, a professional gamer, admits to spending up to 12 hours a day practicing for competitions.

Professional gaming all started In 1997 when The Cyberathlete Professional League was founded It was around this time that avid gamers started to make a name for themselves.

Gamers make the majority of their money by winning tournaments.E-sports is a video game competition between professional gamers from all over the world. Throughout the year there are different tournaments such as League of Legends Championship Series, Call of Duty World League and the Overwatch League where professional gamers have a chance to win millions of dollars in prizes.

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Sumail Hassan

Humble https://moneyinc.com/the-20-richest-esports-gamers-in-the-world/

Sumail Hassan, a professional Dota 2 gamer, comes from humble beginnings. He grew up in an extremely small apart which he shared with eight other family members. However, things started to quickly change for Hassan when he and his family moved to America to help him pursue his gaming career.

After getting recruited to join E-sports EG he started making the big bucks. Hassan was the youngest player to earn $1,000,000 as a professional gamer. In 2016 he was even featured in Time Magzine as one of the most influential teenagers in the world. Hassan has earned around $2,676,991 in prize money. 


Peter Dager

San Diago https://moneyinc.com/the-20-richest-esports-gamers-in-the-world/

Peter Dager, Ceo of Evil Geniuses and professional gamer, is originally from Indiana but now lives in San Diego, California. Even though Dager has earned $2,646,776 in prize money over the years he admits that his parents weren’t fond of his career choice. Dager no longer actively plays Dota but he still has his competitive spirit when he coaches his team.


Maroun Merhej

lebanon https://moneyinc.com/the-20-richest-esports-gamers-in-the-world/

Maroun Merhej is a professional gamer from Lebanon where is currently ranked as the #1 player in his country. Since it is very expensive for people to have the internet in their homes Merhej would have to spend hours driving to an internet cafe in order to paly. Over the years he has earned $2,507,653 in prize money and has played for top E-sports teams like Team Liquid. 



Clinton Loomis

Coach https://moneyinc.com/the-20-richest-esports-gamers-in-the-world/

Clinton Loomis is currently a retired professional gamer but is still considered to be one of the best gamers in North America. Over the years he has earned $2,457,351 in prize money and has been a key player for teams like Evil Geniuses and PLuG Pullers Inc. Even though Loomis is retired he still enjoys playing video games and coaching other young professional gamers. 



Li Peng


Before Li Peng started gaming professionally he was a pubstar, a gamer who is constantly winning but is playing against not so skilled competitors. Peng got his big start when he asked to join team Big God. However, just two months later he switched to Wings Gaming where he went on to win The Summit 5. Peng has earned around $1,998,867 in prize money. 

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