25 Highest IQ’s Throughout History

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Who has the highest IQ in history? The answer may surprise you. Intelligence is a tricky thing. Like great beauty, great intelligence can be a blessing or a curse to those who possess it. Sometimes the smartest among us live the most difficult lives. Other times they’re just really awesome people that make the rest of us look really…lame. While there are many different ways to measure intelligence, and many different kinds of intelligence, this list focuses on the highest IQ scores. Read on to learn about 25 Highest IQ’s Throughout History.


Terence Tao

Ttao2006Ttao2006Source: https://www.dawn.com

Terence Tao was born in Australia to parents who had immigrated from Hong Kong. He published his first research paper at 15 and received his Ph.D from Princeton University when he was just 21 years old. At 24, he became a professor at UCLA, being the youngest ever to do so. He has one of the highest IQs in the world at 225.


Christopher Langan

ChrisLanganPSource: http://techblogbiz.blogspot.com/

Christopher Langan is considered by some to be the smartest man in America. He taught himself to read before he was four, and eventually left college because he felt his professors could teach him little. Like others on this list, he’s had many random jobs – farmworker, forest firefighter and bouncer to name a few – but he’s best known for his “Cognitive – Theoretic Model of the Universe” which has to do with the relationship between the mind and reality. His IQ is 195.


Mislav Predavec

23Source: http://www.croatiaweek.com

Mislav Predavec is a Croatian math professor who has an IQ of 192. For context, only 1 in a billion will have an IQ over 190. According to Mislav, “very difficult intelligence tests are my favorite hobby.” However, his wife Marijana explains that they are just an “ordinary couple,” and there are still things her hyper intelligent husband finds difficult. “When we buy a mobile phone, I am the one that puts it together and puts the SIM card in,” she’s stated.


Ivan Ivec

ivecSource: http://superscholar.org/

Croatian mathematician Ivan Ivec is an IQ test specialist with an IQ of 174 himself. He has a website of his own that’s dedicated to IQ tests. He states that time restrictions on traditional intelligence tests are not necessarily ideal or an indicator of intelligence. As he puts it, “Specifically, there are intelligent people, capable of performing complex actions and resolving complex tasks, although their speed of solving is low.” You can take his IQ tests for free, here.


Kim Ung-Young

Kim-Ung-yong-youngSource: http://www.messagetoeagle.com

By age three, Kim Ung-Young was fluent in four different languages, so his IQ of 210 isn’t a surprise. Born in South Korea, Kim eventually moved to the United States and worked for NASA for a decade before returning home to Korea. He has some very definite things to say about being special –  “People always try to be somebody special by neglecting their ordinary happiness. But they should know happiness means ordinary things that we take for granted, such as nourishing friendships, sharing memorable moments with friends at school and so on…This is why I know that what I’m saying is important. Being special is not as important as living an ordinary life.”

Hey, if someone PHENOMENALLY special says that the best things in life aren’t being special but are right in front of us, maybe we should listen.

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