25 Hidden Mickeys In Disney Parks You Might Have Missed

Rumor has it that when they built Epcot, Disney didn’t want Mickey anywhere in the park because he wanted it to be a futuristic, sciencey, more adult park (he didn’t think the adults would take science seriously if it were presented by a giant mouse) but the Imagineers felt like a Disney park without Mickey isn’t right, so they started hiding the logo throughout the park, and it just grew from there. These are 25 hidden Mickeys in Disney Parks!


Mickey hidden in a power pole

hidden mickeys

Mickey hidden in some wheels (seen at Thunder Mountain)

hidden mickeys

Mickey hidden in an upside down clock (seen at Epcot)

hidden mickeys

Mickey hidden in some benches

hidden mickeys

Mickey hidden in some splatter (at Winnie the Pooh)

hidden mickeys

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