25 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

From hidden images to morse code these are 25 hidden messages in famous logos.

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United States Cyber Command

hidden messages in logos

If you run the 32 letters and numbers located inside the gold ring through an md5 cryptographic hash you will come across the group’s mission statement.



hidden messages in logos

The incomplete nature of the Wikipedia globe signifies the incomplete nature of Wikipedia itself as it is always expanding and evolving.


Facebook Places

hidden messages in logos

Originally meant to mirror the functionality of Foursquare, you’ll notice that Facebook’s first places logo had their location marker laid directly on a grid with a visible 4 on it.



hidden messages in logos

The most widely read Apple blog on the internet, their logo makes sense. If you look closer though, you’ll notice that the right side of the apple consists of a question mark.



hidden messages in logos

The “E” turned on its side represents founder Michael Dell’s desire to “turn the world on its ear”. There has also been some speculation that it portrays a floppy disk.

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