25 Heart-warming Before And After Photos Of Adopted Dogs

Have you ever adopted or thought of adopting a dog? It is probably one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Especially if the adopted dog comes from an abusive or near-death situation. The poor little tykes are shut away in shelters all the while looking for their “forever home”. And when that special someone walks into their lives, true magic happens. It’s remarkable to see the transformation food, love, and shelter can have on a dog as you will soon see in these 25 heart-warming before and after photos of adopted dogs.

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JacksonSource and image: dailymail.co.uk

A cute mix of Basset, English Setter, and Collie; Jackson is enjoying his new home and bed.



Walker Source and image: mentalfloss.com

Once adopted, Walker went from a sad puppy with health problems to a bright spot of puppy cuteness.



WoodySource and image: boredpanda.com

After his original owner died, Woody was left to fend for himself. Blind in one of his eyes, the poor little dog feared all humans. But thanks to his rescuers´ love and care, he turned into a sweet lovable puppy once again.



VitaSource and image: www.smatterist.com

Starving, neglected and exhausted, Vita was rescued from a junkyard in Los Angeles. Thanks to months of proper feeding, care and love from her new owners, Vita transformed into a beautiful, healthy German Shepard lady.



Coconut Source and image: thedodo.com

Badly neglected and bone-thin, Coconut might have not survived long. But thanks to the loving care of his new family, in three months, coconut made a remarkable recovery and looks so much happier.

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