25 Halloween Movies For Those Who Can’t Handle Horror Films

Posted by , Updated on November 5, 2022

Halloween is coming, and along with the parade of all those lovable, cute kids knocking on your door chanting “trick or treat” come some disturbing occurrences such as scary stories about demons and haunted houses, wild parties with even wilder costumes and, probably the most annoying of all, a new onslaught of ghastly horror films. So what happens if just the thought of horror movies and graphic scenes of violence make you nearly pass out from the gore and fear? We have the solution to your problem; here are 25 amazing Halloween movies that combine humor with horror in the most joyful, cheerful way possible. Who said there aren’t any treats for softies too?



The Great Ghost Rescue


We’re not going to lie, this is a totally average film and it will be kind of hard for any adult to be fond of the story, directing, and acting. However, if you like a movie similar to Casper, then there’s a small chance you might enjoy it after all. It’s got a warm, happy holiday feel to it and we’re pretty sure that every kid under the age of seven will love it.


The Haunted Mansion


Despite how hard Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Tilly try to make this film as enjoyable as possible with their mediocre (at best) performances, the directing and the plot unfortunately are even worse. However, if you’re willing to ignore a way too simplistic plot and Eddie Murphy’s downfall from the awesome comedian he once was, this family horror comedy is still worth watching on a Halloween night (preferably one where you have nothing better to do) just for the special effects and the mighty Terence Stamp as the mysterious butler.


Jennifer’s Body


We’re not quite sure if this comedy/horror film is an ideal pick for every family member, but if you’re a single dude who isn’t brave enough to watch a true horror flick and at the same time isn’t in the mood to watch a lighthearted Disney TV movie or an animated film then go for this bad, bad film which stars the sexy, sexy Megan Fox in the most evil role so far of her career.




In this Disney TV movie you will find nothing but sweet characters, a feel-good storyline, and some really good acting by the likes of Debbie Reynolds and Kimberly J. Brown. You will most likely enjoy this movie as much as if you were still a kid and it will remind you that Halloween night doesn’t necessarily have to mean excessive graphic violence and buckets of blood.


The Monster Squad


This is one of the many ‘80s imaginative kids adventure films. It has a really catchy story, it is well written, and the monsters look great but aren’t hideous or too scary. We highly recommend it to all the softies out there who can’t stand violent horror films, and as for those who have already seen it, it’s a great chance to bring back childhood memories so why not watch it again with your kids if you have them?


Haunted Honeymoon


Gene Wilder plays Larry Abbot, a performer in the radio horror shows of Manhattan Mystery Theater who wants to get married and for this reason he takes his fiancée to the spooky castle in which he grew up so she can meet the rest of his eccentric family. Gilda Radner costars as Wilder’s fiancée and gives her usual great comedic performance. She was also his real-life wife and on a sad side note, she found out she had ovarian cancer during filming, from which she died three years later.


Van Helsing

Van Helsing 2

We will admit that if there weren’t any of the impressive visual effects and most importantly, the two talented actors, Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman and the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale, in the main roles, then this movie would be mediocre to say the least. However, we really dig it and can assure you that it makes a great two-hour viewing experience for your Halloween afternoon.


Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride is the result of Tim Burton’s attempt to conquer the world of animation and to be quite honest he did a pretty good job. He “hired” the voices of his two big loves, aka Johnny Depp and his female muse, Helena Bonham Carter, and delivered an animated horror-romance musical with a unique atmosphere. We highly recommend it.


Monster House


This animated movie will remind you of some of the 80’s classics that you loved as a kid such as The Goonies, for example, and that’s a good thing. The animation is very good, the voice talent of Steve Buscemi, Jason Lee, and Nick Cannon is outstanding, and the plot is simply awesome. At times it can be a little too scary for the little ones, but Monster House is still suitable for all ages and would make the perfect starter for a Halloween-night movie marathon.


From Time to Time


This relatively unknown film is about a young boy who goes to stay at his grandmother’s (played by legendary actress Maggie Smith) stately home during the Second World War, and discovers the house’s secret ability to transport him back in time. This is a joyful ghost story that won’t scare anyone but is still impressive with its beautiful cinematography and lighthearted mood.


Hotel Transylvania


This is an excellent choice if you want to spend some quality time with your friends or family on Halloween night. Vampires, zombies, and werewolves may be thought of as scary, terrifying creatures, but after you watch this touching animated movie you might feel sympathy for all these poor monsters who appear to be more afraid of humans than we are of them.


The Good Witch


A beautiful but mysterious woman is the new girl in town and as her luck would have it she rents the local haunted mansion, making everyone wonder if she’s a witch or the reincarnation of “The Gray Lady” who cursed the house many years ago. If it reminds you of a cheaper version of the splendid 2000 film Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, just know that you’re not the only one who has noticed the obvious influence.


Sleepy Hollow


The visual aspects in Sleepy Hollow are first-rate, Tim Burton’s directing is of the highest quality, Johnny Depp’s performance as Ichabod Crane is outstanding, and the plot is heavily inspired by Washington Irving’s classic short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” What’s there not to like about this film really?


Hocus Pocus


The critics didn’t like this film, which in reality is a beautiful, charming tale of three Salem witches who are resurrected by a teenage boy, who, with the help of his little sister and of his love interest, must now try to stop them from stealing the souls of children. Bette Midler plays the leader of the witches, the hilarious and almost frightening Winifred; a young Sarah Jessica Parker is the fresh, sexy but dense Sarah; and Kathy Najimy is the playful Mary.
Ignore the critics and listen to us: this is a perfect film for the family and not only for Halloween, but all year long.




No matter how many times you have watched this film you can’t just get enough of it. Tim Burton directs, and Alec Baldwin with Geena Davis are two recently deceased ghosts who try to scare away the new occupants of their home, with the help of “bio-exorcist” Michael Keaton who literally steals the show as the main character in this crazy surreal comedy.


Dracula: Dead and Loving It


Mel Brooks as usual delivers another insanely good satire with the one and only Leslie Nielsen as Count Dracula. The movie is superbly acted, with great one-liners by both Dracula and Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (played by Brooks himself), but the problem is that if someone hasn’t watched the original masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, he or she will most likely not understand the humor in some scenes.


The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Don Knotts the Ghost and Mr

A typesetter for a small-town newspaper is chasing his dream of becoming a big-time reporter by spending a night in an alleged haunted house and the rest is history. There are no special effects and the production isn’t super expensive in this little masterpiece. However, one of the greatest comedic TV actors of all time, the five-time Emmy Award winner Don Knotts, is at his finest and will make you cry from laughing too hard in a comedy that at times becomes mildly scary too.


Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein


There are quite a few critics who have called this film the best horror comedy ever made and we will agree that it’s one of the best for sure. Keep in mind that this was made back in the late ‘40s and so if you’re expecting wild visual effects and a costly production then it might not be the right film for you.

However, if you’re a fan of the actual acting and funny remarks in a movie then one of the most legendary comedic duos in history, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, will make you laugh uncontrollably as they encounter Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Wolf Man.




ParaNorman is a really funny and suspenseful animated film with a great use of non-computer-graphic technology for the characters and for some really spooky, scary scenes the bravest watchers will enjoy. More importantly, and this may surprise you, but there are significant life lessons for all of us, regardless of age, expressed throughout the story.


 Frankenstein Junior


In this classic film starring the hilarious Gene Wilder, we are introduced to Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson, who has been living for ages in the shadow of his grandfather’s legacy. Eventually, he inherits his grandfather’s castle and full of confidence he believes that his time has finally come; in a desperate attempt to surpass his ancestor’s glory he goes on repeating his experiments but with comical “scientific” results.


The Addams Family


To begin with, this ‘90s masterpiece has an incredibly talented cast: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christina Ricci and others compile a mini dream team in this dark comedy for everybody. Filled with hysterical dark humor and surreal Goth throughout it will put you into a Halloween mood from the first scene.




The director of this ‘80s classic, Joe Dante (who will probably never be remembered for any of his other films), should still get an honorary award for showing the world how to make a dark, twisted, inventive, and violent movie that actually manages to not be too scary or gory to the point where children can’t view it. Someway, somehow, this absolutely entertaining film works as horror, comedy, and family film simultaneously, and the greatest thing is that you can watch it on Halloween or Christmas or in any season really!




His majesty himself, Tim Burton, remade this classic and delivered a monstrously cute, enjoyable, and heart-warming animated film of the kind he can only make. Frankenweenie has the ability to draw on the audience’s personal nostalgia for their own furry lost loved ones, but even those of us who don’t like dogs should feel something too.

Any fan of old monster movies will love the references in this movie, and every fan of Burton’s previous work should find some pleasure in the visuals and atmosphere. Even Burton haters might enjoy this one; yep, it’s that good.




Ghostbusters is one of the best and most popular comedy/sci-fi films of all time and an ‘80s classic. Bill Murray stars and is pretty much amazing as Professor Peter Venkman who leads a team of geeky intellectuals against some crazy and hilarious ghosts in order to protect humankind from them. The ideal movie for all the family on a Halloween night and trust us, nobody’s going to be scared all that much.




Casper is the definition of the “sweet Halloween movie” for the whole family. The script is full of humor; the special effects are fun to watch, and the strong performances by Bill Pullman and a teenage Christina Ricci add a lot of quality to this movie that might be one of the best directed and well-written Halloween films ever made for children.

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