25 Halloween Movies For Those Who Can’t Handle Horror Films

Halloween is coming, and along with the parade of all those lovable, cute kids knocking on your door chanting “trick or treat” come some disturbing occurrences such as scary stories about demons and haunted houses, wild parties with even wilder costumes and, probably the most annoying of all, a new onslaught of ghastly horror films. So what happens if just the thought of horror movies and graphic scenes of violence make you nearly pass out from the gore and fear? We have the solution to your problem; here are 25 amazing Halloween movies that combine humor with horror in the most joyful, cheerful way possible. Who said there aren’t any treats for softies too?

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Haunted Honeymoon


Gene Wilder plays Larry Abbot, a performer in the radio horror shows of Manhattan Mystery Theater who wants to get married and for this reason he takes his fiancée to the spooky castle in which he grew up so she can meet the rest of his eccentric family. Gilda Radner costars as Wilder’s fiancée and gives her usual great comedic performance. She was also his real-life wife and on a sad side note, she found out she had ovarian cancer during filming, from which she died three years later.


Van Helsing

Van Helsing 2

We will admit that if there weren’t any of the impressive visual effects and most importantly, the two talented actors, Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman and the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale, in the main roles, then this movie would be mediocre to say the least. However, we really dig it and can assure you that it makes a great two-hour viewing experience for your Halloween afternoon.


Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride is the result of Tim Burton’s attempt to conquer the world of animation and to be quite honest he did a pretty good job. He “hired” the voices of his two big loves, aka Johnny Depp and his female muse, Helena Bonham Carter, and delivered an animated horror-romance musical with a unique atmosphere. We highly recommend it.


Monster House


This animated movie will remind you of some of the 80’s classics that you loved as a kid such as The Goonies, for example, and that’s a good thing. The animation is very good, the voice talent of Steve Buscemi, Jason Lee, and Nick Cannon is outstanding, and the plot is simply awesome. At times it can be a little too scary for the little ones, but Monster House is still suitable for all ages and would make the perfect starter for a Halloween-night movie marathon.


From Time to Time


This relatively unknown film is about a young boy who goes to stay at his grandmother’s (played by legendary actress Maggie Smith) stately home during the Second World War, and discovers the house’s secret ability to transport him back in time. This is a joyful ghost story that won’t scare anyone but is still impressive with its beautiful cinematography and lighthearted mood.

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