25 Halloween Movies For Those Who Can’t Handle Horror Films

Halloween is coming, and along with the parade of all those lovable, cute kids knocking on your door chanting “trick or treat” come some disturbing occurrences such as scary stories about demons and haunted houses, wild parties with even wilder costumes and, probably the most annoying of all, a new onslaught of ghastly horror films. So what happens if just the thought of horror movies and graphic scenes of violence make you nearly pass out from the gore and fear? We have the solution to your problem; here are 25 amazing Halloween movies that combine humor with horror in the most joyful, cheerful way possible. Who said there aren’t any treats for softies too?

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The Great Ghost Rescue


We’re not going to lie, this is a totally average film and it will be kind of hard for any adult to be fond of the story, directing, and acting. However, if you like a movie similar to Casper, then there’s a small chance you might enjoy it after all. It’s got a warm, happy holiday feel to it and we’re pretty sure that every kid under the age of seven will love it.


The Haunted Mansion


Despite how hard Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Tilly try to make this film as enjoyable as possible with their mediocre (at best) performances, the directing and the plot unfortunately are even worse. However, if you’re willing to ignore a way too simplistic plot and Eddie Murphy’s downfall from the awesome comedian he once was, this family horror comedy is still worth watching on a Halloween night (preferably one where you have nothing better to do) just for the special effects and the mighty Terence Stamp as the mysterious butler.


Jennifer’s Body


We’re not quite sure if this comedy/horror film is an ideal pick for every family member, but if you’re a single dude who isn’t brave enough to watch a true horror flick and at the same time isn’t in the mood to watch a lighthearted Disney TV movie or an animated film then go for this bad, bad film which stars the sexy, sexy Megan Fox in the most evil role so far of her career.




In this Disney TV movie you will find nothing but sweet characters, a feel-good storyline, and some really good acting by the likes of Debbie Reynolds and Kimberly J. Brown. You will most likely enjoy this movie as much as if you were still a kid and it will remind you that Halloween night doesn’t necessarily have to mean excessive graphic violence and buckets of blood.


The Monster Squad


This is one of the many ‘80s imaginative kids adventure films. It has a really catchy story, it is well written, and the monsters look great but aren’t hideous or too scary. We highly recommend it to all the softies out there who can’t stand violent horror films, and as for those who have already seen it, it’s a great chance to bring back childhood memories so why not watch it again with your kids if you have them?

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