25 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked

Posted by , Updated on November 14, 2022

From cars and satellites to medical implants and ATMs these are 25 things you didn’t know could be hacked.


Your pacemaker

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The same goes for many modern medical implants. Many of these devices can be controlled via radio signals so the doctor can make changes without performing surgery. Unfortunately hackers can make changes too.


Baby monitors

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There have even been several cases of people hacking into baby monitors and screaming at the baby.


Your Car

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Many modern cars that utilize systems like OnStar are vulnerable to being unlocked and started due to a simple text message.


Self driving cars

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While Google and the US military are building self driving cars, hackers have recently shown several ways to gain unauthorized access and mess with their controls.


Garage door openers

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It’s trivial to hack any opener made more than 5 years ago.


Kid tracking devices

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Although some parents like being able to keep tabs on their children, researchers have shown how easy it is to hack into GPS tracking devices.


Landline voicemail

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Although cellular voicemail is susceptible as well, many users leave landline voicemail passwords set to default. That’s an easy target for hackers.


Portable video games

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The original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite will only work on the insecure WEP encryption standard. You should be using WPA anyway.


Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kits

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Although these allow drivers to stay within the law in many places, a Finnish security company recently demonstrated how easy these were to hack.


Your front door

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These days more and more residences are protected by digital locks. All it takes is a tech savvy thief…


Traffic lights

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Police, fire, and emergency vehicles can change them on they fly and throwing together a home made transmitter is pretty simple, albeit illegal.


Your toilet

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Leave it to Japan to come up with a bluetooth connected potty where hackers can spray water, flush, close the lid, and blast music.


Your children's toys

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At Black Hat 2013 hackers showed how many new toys come with Wi-Fi connectivity which is an open door for unauthorized access.


Home automation systems

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These days many homes let owners control temperature, lighting and locks from a central device, often a smartphone. Very hackable.


Thermostats and electric meters

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In 2012 German researchers eavesdropped on “smart” electric meters and could tell when residents were awake, asleep or out of the house.


Air-traffic-control systems

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At Def Con 20 in 2012 hackers showed how easy it would be to break into the next-generation air-traffic-control system being deployed all over the world.


Prison doors

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Doing something similar to what Stuxnet did to the Iranian nuclear facility in 2010, researchers at the Hacker Halted 2011 conference hacked an industrial logic controller to open all of a prison’s doors.


Bathroom scales

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At the Summercon hacker conference in New York researchers showed how to hack into internet connected bathroom scales and upload messages.


Smart TVs

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At the Black Hat 2013 conference several teams showed how smart TVs are little more than giant smart phones… and just as hackable.


Drone aircraft

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In 2012, University of Texas researchers showed how to send fake GPS signals to a drone aircraft, causing it to go off course as Department of Homeland Security officials watched.


Nuclear power plants and National power grids

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Researchers have done penetration tests on numerous high profile public systems and managed to gain access in as little time as 1 week.


Airport scanners

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Yes, even the full body scanners at airports have been hacked and not long ago several hundred images of travelers were leaked onto the web.


Digital cameras

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This one seems benign compared to the last few but those Wi-Fi chips in your camera can let intruders take pictures while it’s just sitting on your shelf.


Low Earth orbit satellites

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At Summercon 2013 researchers showed how to mess with satellites and even change their orbits.



hackable things

Although this is something you’ve probably thought only exists in movies, researchers recently convinced an ATM to start spewing dollar bills with nothing more than a laptop.

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