25 Gym Pet Peeves That Drive Me Up A Wall! (Am I The Only One Whose Bothered By These?)

OK, normally I’m not really an irritable kind of guy….much….not that much……OK maybe just a little… But I’m getting better! Anyways, I used to work at a gym (a couple actually) and there were things that people did while at the gym that just drove me up a wall and back and up a wall again….and then back down. Following are a few of my gym pet peeves. IF you do these…….well, may God have mercy on your soul. (These are not in order of importance…because they all irritate me about equally).

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Exercising with no shirt


Are we THAT desperate for attention? Not everyone appreciates a striptease at the gym and if you do this, you look like a tool. Don’t do it!


Unsolicited advise


I see this happen all the time. Someone is using a machine improperly when suddenly a kind, compassionate, muscle-bound, 275 lb mammoth takes it upon himself to correct the error. A nice gesture? Maybe. But the fact is, most people don’t like being told that they are wrong. No matter if they are indeed wrong. So keep the advice to yourself…unless of course it’s solicited.


Using squat rack as a curl rack


This one completely blows my mind. Why on earth would someone insist on using an apparatus that is clearly made for legs as a device to work out arms? Sorry but if you do this, you get not points for creativity from me. There are benches, dumbbells, and curl machines all designed to get those wimpy arms of yours into shape. USE THOSE!


Not wiping your equipment


It’s bad enough that I have to smell you, now you want me to sit on a bench drenched with your sweat? Not happening! It takes you less than 20 seconds to clean up after yourself. Do it!


Spitting in the water fountain


I usually try to stay hydrated in between sets by using the water fountain. So when I approach the water fountain only to find a gelatinous, off-white yellowish, quarter inch blob of a monster patiently waiting for my arrival, let’s just say I’m not particularly thrilled. Goodness gracious there are toilets in the bathroom you can spit that stuff in!

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