25 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Someone’s Day

Posted by , Updated on November 23, 2022

Trying to survive in this world can can be hectic when stressful times are inevitable. Even the happiest of people eventually have a gloomy day. Bad days can often cause us to get stuck in a rut, but it doesn’t have to be sad! Instead, fight off bad vibes with these 25 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Someone’s Day so you can brighten someone’s day…including your own!



Distract an antsy toddler by making faces.

funny face

Ever sat on the train (or anywhere else for that matter) with a mom and a screaming baby? Not a pleasant experience for you is it? But can you imagine the mother? Help her out by distracting the baby through the art of making ridiculous faces. Most babies will exude great curiosity (and those around you as well…but focus on the baby) in the process, which will make the baby forget all about whatever was bugging him/her in the first place.


Let the taxi driver listen to the music he likes.

taxi driver standing outside his cab

You’re stuck in a traffic jam at an annoyingly busy hour in a taxi with the driver loudly humming to a 70′s disco tune. How you’d love to listen to more mellow songs from your favorite radio station to soothe your nerves and distract you from worrying over being late for your appointment! Stop that urge and let the poor driver listen to his music. You’re obviously not the only one stuck in traffic. He is, too.


Let someone riding in your car play their favorite song.

road trip friends

In the same vein, our car radios are sacred instruments, particularly in tune with our ever specific musical needs. As such, it’s almost offensive when someone decides to change the your music. Resist the temptation to be offended and instead, allow your friend to enjoy his/her favorite song. Who knows, you may enjoy it too.


Volunteer to shovel snow for your old neighbors down the street.

shoveling snow

Cold winters can be particularly brutal to seniors because their joints tend to have an adverse reaction to the chilly temperature outside. However, this does not stop the snow from falling on their driveway. Offer to shovel the snow for them, and you will definitely make their day better.


Surprise a colleague with bits of sweetness.

coffee and pie

In every office, there’s always that someone who works their butt off until they end up completely exhausted. Leave a cupcake or two and a warm cup of coffee to perk them up. You don’t only get to help them stay awake, you also get to tell them how you appreciate a job well done.


Throw a surprise party for your hardworking team while in a meeting.

office party

It’s a good idea for managers to reward their subordinates for the hard work they do and what better way to celebrate your appreciation than to surprise them with food from your favorite restaurant served right in the middle of a meeting. Not only will you fill their tummy with food, but you will also fill their day with a good feeling.


Take dinner over to a family in need.

casserole bake

Whether they’re knee-deep in financial issues or someone’s very sick, there’s bound to be a family who could use some support and care. A good idea is to surprise them with pans of hot food earlier in the evening so they don’t have to cook for dinner. Not only are you providing them with food, but your kind gesture will provide them with hope.


Go on overtime and help a colleague finish an important project.

business partners

The workaholic colleague who sits in the next cubicle is neck deep in a crucial project that needs to be handed in first thing in the morning. Offer to help him/her with the project. Two heads are better than one, and 4 hands are better than two, and you can bet the gesture will be well received.


Comfort a friend at his or her loved one’s funeral.

friends hugging

Death is always a hard event in life. Lend a shoulder to cry on, or if your friend just wants to have someone to sit beside while just staring into space, then go ahead and sit beside him or her. Your presence alone can be a huge source of comfort.


Take a co-worker out for lunch even if you’re not close.

lunch with coworker

Unexpected acts of kindness will always make a gloomy day better. For example, that co-worker whom you barely know and would not expect to receive any kind of social interaction? Why not invite him or her to lunch. The unexpected act of kindness will help create a more social relationship and definitely brighten the co-workers day.


Cook a meal for a someone who had a bad day.

dinner on stove

Getting a little pampering like a home-cooked meal without lifting a finger is like heaven sent when you’re down in the dumps. If you have a friend who fits that bill, run to the supermarket and buy ingredients for your friend’s favorite perk-me-up recipe and whip it up at his or her home. Free food made by someone else is a powerful combination towards brightening someone’s day.


Appreciate the hard work of the people who serve you.

talking to waitress

For a change, acknowledge the waiter, give the guy behind the bar a bigger tip than the usual, and start a small talk with the cashier at the grocer’s if the line’s not too crazy. There are a lot of people who serve us everyday. The barista, hair stylist, masseuse, librarian, and the rest need your appreciation for the attention and care that they show you as a customer.


Run an errand for a busy friend.

running errands

People can get busy to the point of almost losing their mind. Help keep their sanity in check by offering to run errands for them. One less thing to worry about is one less stress on your friend’s mind, meaning one step further away from lunacy.


Give a pat on the back or send a note to your boss, teacher, coach, pastor or priest.

thank you card

A simple thank you note left on your teacher or boss’s desk acknowledging your gratitude for their guidance and support is enough to keep them focused on their job and make them love their responsibilities even more.


Plan a surprise family adventure for your kids.

family stroll

There is nothing like a surprise road trip for kids. Think about it. You wake up one morning, thinking, “This will be like any other boring morning,” and out of nowhere, your parents say, “Pack up; We’re leaving!” It doesn’t matter where you’re going; your day just got 10 times better.


When visiting a friend, bring some of her favorite goodies.

gift basket

For some cultures, it’s customary to always bring food like dessert or other treats when visiting. Instead of something you’ll all just gobble up in one sitting, bring a box of her favorite candies or chocolates. Something sweet can be memorable, and she can nibble on them over the next few days.


Compliment someone’s look.

man accepting compliment

Especially when preparing for huge parties and other special occasions like weddings, people these days still take the time to fix themselves up to look their best. The words, “You look amazing!” will always brighten their day.


Keep in touch with a family member or friend by giving them a call.

phone call

Showing how much you care may be as simple as a phone call away. All you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to your loved ones and friends. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Ask them how their day went and what’s new with their lives. That’s really all that it takes.


Give chocolate.

box of chocolates

Everybody loves chocolate. (Well, most people anyway!) Capitalize on this universal love for chocolate to brighten someone’s day. 


Remember birthdays.

woman surprised by cake

With today’s technology and social media craze, remembering (or being reminded) of people’s birthdays should not be a difficult thing. Go above and beyond the standard social media note by calling them or setting up a time to visit and spend time together. Maybe even throw a surprise party!


Share a happy memory.

women looking at photo book

If a memory is a happy one, don’t be shy to recollect it. Share mementos of happy events like photo albums or scrap books. By virtue of being a happy memory, it will help create a happy day.


Crack a joke.

woman laughing at joke

A good joke goes a long way to make people smile. Have some ready to share whenever the occasion calls for a good laugh.


Listen to others.

man listening to friend

During those pour-your-heart-out moments with your friends or siblings, you don’t really have to say anything to make them feel better. All you have to do is listen and be attentive. React when the moment calls for it, but be gentle with your musings about their situation.


Say “I love you!” Show it…and mean it.

romantic couple

Love comes in different forms and packages. Being in love is one thing, just loving is another. It can be parallel to each other, it can also intersect. Whichever way, when you say those three heart skipping words, “I love you!” mean what you say by showing that you really do.


Speaking of love, are you in need of some relationship advice? Check out these 25 Tips To Help Your Relationship Run Smoother.



smiling woman hands in frame

And, of course, the easiest and most effective way to make someone’s day better is to simply smile at them. Sometimes it may not look genuine at all, but a simple smile can be the entire world to someone. A smile is the gift that keeps on giving. Most of all, it’s totally free. So go ahead. Smile!

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