25 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Someone’s Day

Trying to survive in this world can can be hectic when stressful times are inevitable. Even the happiest of people eventually have a gloomy day. Bad days can often cause us to get stuck in a rut, but it doesn’t have to be sad! Instead, fight off bad vibes with these 25 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Someone’s Day so you can brighten someone’s day…including your own!


Distract an antsy toddler by making faces.

funny face

Ever sat on the train (or anywhere else for that matter) with a mom and a screaming baby? Not a pleasant experience for you is it? But can you imagine the mother? Help her out by distracting the baby through the art of making ridiculous faces. Most babies will exude great curiosity (and those around you as well…but focus on the baby) in the process, which will make the baby forget all about whatever was bugging him/her in the first place.


Let the taxi driver listen to the music he likes.

taxi driver standing outside his cab

You’re stuck in a traffic jam at an annoyingly busy hour in a taxi with the driver loudly humming to a 70′s disco tune. How you’d love to listen to more mellow songs from your favorite radio station to soothe your nerves and distract you from worrying over being late for your appointment! Stop that urge and let the poor driver listen to his music. You’re obviously not the only one stuck in traffic. He is, too.


Let someone riding in your car play their favorite song.

road trip friends

In the same vein, our car radios are sacred instruments, particularly in tune with our ever specific musical needs. As such, it’s almost offensive when someone decides to change the your music. Resist the temptation to be offended and instead, allow your friend to enjoy his/her favorite song. Who knows, you may enjoy it too.


Volunteer to shovel snow for your old neighbors down the street.

shoveling snow

Cold winters can be particularly brutal to seniors because their joints tend to have an adverse reaction to the chilly temperature outside. However, this does not stop the snow from falling on their driveway. Offer to shovel the snow for them, and you will definitely make their day better.


Surprise a colleague with bits of sweetness.

coffee and pie

In every office, there’s always that someone who works their butt off until they end up completely exhausted. Leave a cupcake or two and a warm cup of coffee to perk them up. You don’t only get to help them stay awake, you also get to tell them how you appreciate a job well done.

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