25 Gross Hygiene Practices You Won’t Believe Were Real

Not THAT long ago, we use to have some really gross hygiene practices. Seriously. We’re talking about people doing things like using dead animals to treat tooth aches, urine to sterilize surgery equipment, even using dung to treat bad breath! Crazy right? Did you know, for example, that some medieval ladies made fake eyebrows from dead mice’s fur? Or how about the use of chicken manure to cure baldness? To learn more about some of the most revolting old hygiene practices, check out these 25 gross hygiene practices you won’t believe were real.

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The graceful wigs you see in portraits depicting nobility of the 15th to 18th century may seem beautiful and grand, but they were usually covered with lice and nits.

medieval wigSource: littlethings.com

A 17th-century medical handbook advised men to put chicken manure on their scalps to cure baldness, infertility, "stinking breath", head lice and aching breasts.

chicken manureSource: telegraph.co.uk

The blood moss, a European plant with unique astringent and blood-stopping qualities, might have gotten its name because it was used as a menstrual material, possibly in tampon form, among medieval women.

Mosses Green BryophytesSource: bustle.com

One of the most brutal medieval medical practices, cauterization was used to stop heavy bleeding (e.g. during an amputation) by applying a piece of heated metal on the wound. It did stop the bleeding and prevent infections but it caused extensive and very painful tissue damage.

hot metalSource: Wikipedia

Amorous Ancient Egyptian women used pessaries made from crocodile droppings. Documents dating back to 1850 BC refer to this method of contraception. Crocodile dung is actually slightly alkaline, like modern-day spermicides, so there is a little chance it worked.

crocodileSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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