25 Gross Hygiene Practices You Won’t Believe Were Real

Not THAT long ago, we use to have some really gross hygiene practices. Seriously. We’re talking about people doing things like using dead animals to treat tooth aches, urine to sterilize surgery equipment, even using dung to treat bad breath! Crazy right? Did you know, for example, that some medieval ladies made fake eyebrows from dead mice’s fur? Or how about the use of chicken manure to cure baldness? To learn more about some of the most revolting old hygiene practices, check out these 25 gross hygiene practices you won’t believe were real.

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Before the invention of the toilet paper, people used many interesting techniques to do the job. Old Japanese, for example, used flat sticks known as “chugi”, ancient Greeks cleaned their bottoms with pottery shards and Native Americans used twigs, dry grass, small stones and even oyster shells.

clamsSource: http://farmersalmanac.com

Those who couldn’t afford to have a private bath (that was a vast majority of people in the medieval times) had to bathe in public bathhouses with bunches of other, completely strange people.

public bathhouseSource: medievalists.net

Before oral hygiene was well understood, physicians commonly believed that toothaches were caused by worms that lived inside the teeth. They would fill your mouth with candle smoke to drive those nonexistent worms out.

tooth with wormsSource: showmethescience.net

Leeches were the most common method of bloodletting. They were extremely popular in earlier times because it was widely thought that most diseases were caused by an excess of blood.

LeecheSource: sciencenetlinks.com

In medieval Tudor castles, slabs of wood covering holes in the floor that took feces into the moat served as toilets. So the romantic scene of a towering castle surrounded by the pristine sparkling waters of a moat is not always true.

Tudor castleSource: owlcation.com

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