25 Grim And Disturbing Truths About The Holocaust You May Not Be Aware Of

We all know that the Holocaust was a dark time in history, but you may not have realized just how dark it really was. Did you know that during the Evian Conference in France, Hitler offered to hand over all the “Jewish criminals” to any country willing to take them? The US, Britain, Canada, and every other country refused. Only the Dominican Republic offered to take 100,000. In the end Hitler decided to move forward with his “final solution” – total extermination. These are 25 grim and disturbing truths about the Holocaust.

Holocaust featured image via Flickr user: Marion Doss CC2.0


Hitler never visited any concentration camps

Dead bodies at a concentration campSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Denying the holocaust is considered a crime in 17 nations, including Austria and Germany

gavelSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia


Jewish boxer Salamo Arouch was imprisoned in Auschwitz and forced to fight other prisoners. Losers were executed. He survived for 2 years until the Allies liberated the camp.

boxingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Two Polish doctors saved 8,000 Jews by faking an epidemic of typhoid. It prevented the Nazis from entering their town.

do not enterSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia


The first concentration camp, Dachau, was opened 6 years prior to the start of World War II and mostly housed political prisoners

concentration camp DachauSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

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