25 Grievous Antics That Are Detrimental To Good Customer Service

The unprofessional behavior of employees in customer service is one of the major factors that affect the image of a company in the eyes of consumers. No matter how good the quality of products of a retail store is, if its employees are rude in dealing with their customers, everything comes to naught. This is the reason why every employee must be aware of the do’s and don’ts of customer service. Excellent customer service brings customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction brings sales to the company. Here is a list of 25 grievous antics that are detrimental to good customer service.

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Saying jargons that customers do not understand


Customers are not going to know your industry like you do. When dealing with them, do not use jargon that are grounded in your company or industry, such as abbreviations or unique and complicated words.


Treating customers as transactions


Customers have different needs and wants, and while there are standard operating procedures that people in customer service must abide by, they should understand that providing a “one size fits all” approach does not work all the time. It is always best to deal with customers with a human touch.


Expressing irritation or impatience when asked questions


Patience is a virtue that your employer is paying you to possess. Exercise it by being patient with customers (even the irate ones) and resist the urge to lash back with irate expressions.


Interrupting an ongoing call to take a new call


It is okay to interrupt a call once, but doing it the second or third time is already equivalent to crossing the “rude” threshold. When you have an ongoing call with a customer, attend to their needs and let the other call wait until you finish your ongoing transaction.


Rushing through calls


Customer service should never be rushed, EVER. The customer needs to know that they are important and the issue at hand will be resolved no matter how long it takes. This also applies to dealing with customers in person.

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