25 Grievous Antics That Are Detrimental To Good Customer Service

The unprofessional behavior of employees in customer service is one of the major factors that affect the image of a company in the eyes of consumers. No matter how good the quality of products of a retail store is, if its employees are rude in dealing with their customers, everything comes to naught. This is the reason why every employee must be aware of the do’s and don’ts of customer service. Excellent customer service brings customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction brings sales to the company. Here is a list of 25 grievous antics that are detrimental to good customer service.

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Not giving options or recommendations


If the products that you offer does not fit the budget or taste of the customer, do not stop dealing with him/her. Give recommendations and other options to assure your customer that you are willing to help them in any possible way that you can.


Hiding behind the environment, systems or processes


If a customer complains about the poor quality of your services, never respond by blaming the environment or old facilities of your company. Acknowledge that you made a mistake and promise to do better next time.


Overselling yourself to customers


When you oversell yourself to your customers, there is a tendency for them to expect too much from your services or your company. Failure to meet those expectations leads to utter customer dissatisfaction.


Telling customers how you hate your job


Never admit right in front of your customer that you hate your job. Lapse of judgment does happen sometimes, but there is no assurance that committing it once will not cost you your job.


Putting callers on speaker phone without asking their permission


Before putting your phone on speaker mode, make sure to ask the customer for permission to do so. Putting his/her call on speaker mode without permission is like leaking confidential information.

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