25 Greatest Sandwiches Of All Time

There are tons of great sandwiches out there but which are the greatest sandwiches of all time? From the BLT to the meatball sub, the choices are endless for this delectable lunch staple. It’s never a bad thing to learn about a new, delicious sandwich recipe. But be warned, by the end of this list, you’re going to be hungry…for a sandwich. Here are 25 greatest sandwiches of all time.

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Breakfast Sliders

breakfast slidrs

Breakfast sandwiches on a biscuit are great and all, but they can’t really beat delicious breakfast sliders. What makes them a step above? Usually they are made on sweet Hawaiian rolls!


Triple-Decker Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese

There’s boring grilled cheese and then there’s Triple-Decker Grilled Cheese. Why settle for one slice of cheese when you can put on three different types of cheeses? It makes the sandwich way better.


Black Bean Burgers

black bean burger

If you like black beans, then you’re going to love the black bean burger. Throw some onion, tomato, and maybe a little bacon, and you’re about to bite into greatness.


Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches

chicken waffle

At first glance, chicken and waffles together don’t seem like they would go well together. But give it a try and you might be surprised how amazing it truly is.


Cuban Sliders

cuban sliders

There’s the Cuban and then there are the Cuban sliders. As we’ve discovered with the Breakfast Sliders, sliders always make a sandwich better.

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