25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History

Ever since people realized that wood floats, history has been filled with an immeasurable number of shipwrecks. Although people have tried in vain to build unsinkable ships, the ocean will not be tamed. In this list we’re going to go back and take a look at the 25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History (and yes the Titanic is on there).
Please note this list does not include wartime disasters.


SS Norge

ss norge

On 28 June 1904, the Norge ran aground close to Rockall on St. Helen’s Reef. The collision caused the ship to sink, with the final death toll at 635 with 160 survivors, who spent up to eight days in open lifeboats before rescue.


MV Princess of the Stars

princess of the starshttps://newsinfo.inquirer.net/383095/what-went-before-sinking-of-mv-princess-of-the-stars

On 21 June 2008, the ferry Princess of the Stars capsized and sank in Typhoon Fengshen off the coast of San Fernando, Romblon, in the Philippines.  The sinking occurred after the ship entered into the eye of Typhoon Frank. Of an estimated 800 people aboard, only approximately 57 survived.


SS Camorta

SS Camorta

On 6 May 1902, the Camorta was caught in a cyclone when she sank en route from Madras, India, to Rangoon, Burma, while crossing a section of sea called the Baragua Flats.  This resulted in the loss of all 655 passengers and 82 crew. 


HMS Bulwark

hms bulwark explodinghttp://www.wessexwfa.org.uk/articles/hms-bulwark.htm

On 26 November 1914, a powerful internal explosion ripped the Bulwark apart in the River Medway estuary. All 51 of her officers were lost, and out of 750 sailors, only 14 sailors survived. Five would later die of their wounds, leaving only 9 survivors total. There is no definite explanation as to what caused this explosion.


HMS Royal George

royal george

While moored at Portsmouth in August 1782, the ship heeled too far and began taking water in through the gun ports before sinking. More than 800 lives were lost.

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