25 Great Ways To Love Your Life

Posted by , Updated on November 12, 2021

It can be hard to have a positive outlook sometimes. Things can easily get you down and leave you in a cycle of despair and crushed dreams. This doesn’t have to be the case. Happiness is not something that happens to you. Much like love, happiness is a choice. You have to will yourself to find the good in every situation. There is a silver lining in there somewhere and it’s up to you to find it. Even in the worst situations you have a choice. You can either focus on the fact that you lost your best friend, or you can be thankful for the time you got to spend with them. The hardest part is taking that first step and being willing to find the good. It’s hard, and it usually takes a push from somebody else. There are certain things, however, that you can do in your life to help you shift your perspective. Even something seemingly unrelated like going for a walk can make a huge difference. This isn’t a magic formula but it is the beginning of the rest of your life. No matter what has happened in the past, these are 25 great ways to love your life.

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Featured Image: wikipedia


Learn to accept love

Learn to accept loveSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If your friends or family offer to do something nice for you, accept it. And accept compliments too.


Improve yourself

Improve yourselfSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Even if it’s just a few hours every week, set some goals and try to achieve them.


Dress successfully

Dress successfullySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Although it may seem to be superficial, the way you dress can easily affect how you see and present yourself.


Listen to people

Listen to peopleSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Always try to learn something new from everybody that you talk to.


Be optimistic

Be optimisticSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

While realism is good, don’t let it dominate your life. Dream a little and hope for the best.


Say yes

Say yesSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

You never know what can happen simply by saying yes. Some of your life’s greatest adventures are waiting to happen, you just have to accept the challenge.


Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive peopleSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

If you only spend time with downers, your own mood and motivation are sure to plummet. The people around you make a huge difference.


Look at the future positively

Look at the future positivelySource: reddit, Image: Buck via Flickr

Rather than trying to figure out what can go wrong, focus on what can go right. It’s amazing what a change of perspective can accomplish.


Talk to someone new everyday

Talk to someone new everydaySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Even if it’s the bus driver, try to engage somebody in conversation. You’d be surprised as to how many cool people you meet and how much of a boost it brings to your day.



TravelSource: reddit, Image: pexels

Even if it’s just getting out of the city, try to change your scenery up. The world is a big place and traveling can really bring some perspective to your life.



ForgiveSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Although you don’t have to welcome people back into your life (especially in situations involving abuse), you shouldn’t hold grudges because those will only hurt you. Forgive and try to desire the best for the people that hurt you, even if it is from a distance.


See the best in people

See the best in peopleSource: reddit, Image: The Wandering Angel via Flickr

The less you use the part of your brain reserved for judgement, the lighter your mood will be. So don’t focus on people’s shortcomings but try to see what their good qualities are.


Be ok with change

Be ok with changeSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Stop focusing on what could have been but rather try to see the good in the way things are. The world won’t wait for you and one of the greatest things you can do is adapt. As they say, change is the only constant.


Put people first

Put people firstSource: reddit, Image: Richard foster via Flickr

You may think that you would be better off with nobody in your life, but you are wrong. You are wired to be a social creature. You need people and by prioritizing them you are doing a lot of good for yourself and others simultaneously.



PersevereSource: reddit, Image: Kari Sullivan via Flickr

If you can do the other things we have mentioned so far, you should be well on your way to learning this important trait. Life is hard and it will require you to push through some hard times.


Compliment others

Compliment othersSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

By making somebody else’s day you’ll see a major change in your own.


Look for opportunities

Look for opportunitiesSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

This goes along with saying yes. There are job openings, travel possibilities, and other great opportunities all around you. You just have to keep your eyes peeled.



LaughSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

It’s easy to forget that laughing, spending time with friends, and enjoying yourself is just as important to your life as everything else that you do.


Keep learning

Keep learningSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

These days, with the internet, there is no excuse to not keep learning new things. Take classes, expand your knowledge, and learn something new!


Get out into nature

Get out into natureSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

If you live in the city or suburbs, make sure to get away from everything once in a while. We’re constantly bombarded with sensory input and it pays off to take a break from it now and then.


Practice minimalism

Practice minimalismSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

As the saying goes, “the less you have, the less you need.” If you don’t need something don’t buy it. You’ll have a lot less to worry about.


Do something creative

Do something creativeSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Whether it’s painting, dancing, singing, writing, or anything else, find a way to express yourself and your emotions. Even if you can’t do any of these things, just try your best and see if you don’t improve!


Allow for surprises

Allow for surprisesSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

This one also goes along with saying yes. Stop trying to control and plan every aspect of your life. Let things happen a bit and see where you end up. It’s easier to let go than to try and juggle everything.



ExerciseSource: reddit, Image: public-domain-image.com

This is one of the most proven ways to enhance your mood and wellbeing. You don’t need to be a track star but just moving a little or going to the gym before work will make a huge difference in your day.



VolunteerSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

One of the best ways to enjoy your time is to give it away. Forgetting about yourself is often the best thing you can do for yourself.

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