25 Great Dinosaur Mysteries We All Want Solved

Dinosaurs seem to capture the attention of every child at some point, and most adults. They’re wingless dragons, and they were real. There’s a shocking amount of information that can be learned from fossilized bones that are millions of years old, but what about the many unanswered questions about dinosaurs that we can’t know for sure? The Thanksgiving leftovers don’t really give us a full picture of what life as a turkey is like, and sometimes, frustratingly, it’s the same for their ancestors. There are some dinosaur mysteries that just can’t be solved beyond educated guesses. Here are 25 Great Dinosaur Mysteries We All Want Solved.

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Why did Tyrannosaurus Rex have such little arms?

trexarmsSource: http://www.smithsonianmag.com

They’ve been dead millions of years, and we still mock them for it. While many are trying desperately to find answers, as of now, there really aren’t any. Scientists are using fancier and fancier equipment to try to figure out how muscle and sinew would have attached, but we’ll likely never know for sure.


Were some Dinosaurs nocturnal? If so, which ones?

HeardHalloweenSource: http://www.smithsonianmag.com

Some people argue that little mammals lived and thrived during the time of the dinosaurs because those dinosaurs slept at night. However, studies of the bones around the eye socket, called sclera, could indicate that hunters such as Velociraptors had eyes designed to see more in the dark, and were awake at night. Others argue that sclera don’t really determine anything, and it’s all a very fancy and expensive guessing game.


How intelligent were they?

clevergirlSource :https://www.theguardian.com

Assumptions can be made from the size of the body, and, well, we have their skulls, but they’re just that – educated guesses and assumptions. Like the assumption that a Stegosaurus had a brain the size of a walnut, but carnivores had larger brains and were more intelligent, a requirement for hunting.


Were they pack hunters?

pack huntersSource: http://www.viralxfiles.com

We don’t know if dinosaurs hunted in packs or not, despite very convincing arguments from Doctor Allen Grant. While some dinosaurs of the same species have been found together, that’s not really concrete proof of pack hunting or lifestyles overall. Again, it could have varied from species to species. We’ll never know.


Did all dinosaurs hatch from eggs?

Paleo_Hall_at_HMNS_plesiosaurSource: http://www.bbc.com

Dinosaurs maybe didn’t all hatch from eggs. Fossils of a Plesiosaurs (a marine dinosaur from the late Triassic that had flippers, not legs) suggest that instead of laying eggs, this dinosaur may have given birth to a single baby, live.

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