25 Government Conspiracies That Actually Ended Up Being Covered Up

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Conspiracy theories can be fascinating, perplexing, or even downright lunatic, but are they ever true? Judging from the available historical evidence, they can be.

No matter how crazy some of them may appear to be at first glance, we all know looks can be deceiving. Things get especially confusing when the government is involved in such theories.

For example, many people believe that governments practice brainwashing in order to control people through fear. We can find several examples in which the governments wanted to keep a secret from the masses.

The following list of 25 Government Cover-Up Theories will give you an idea of what we’re talking about. You have the choice to decide what you want to believe.



The Reichstag Fire


A false flag operation is a secret operation designed to appear as if it’s being carried out by other entities.

A few allegations of false flag operations have been verified, such as the 1933 Reichstag arson attack. The Nazi Party used the fire as “clear proof” that communists were plotting against the German government. The event is considered pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.


The Clinton Body Count


The idea that Bill and Hillary Clinton secretly killed their political enemies has circulated in right-wing fever swamps for many years.

There’s even a pseudo-documentary film called The Clinton Chronicles, produced by Larry Nichols and promoted by Rev. Jerry Falwell, which is openly accusing Bill Clinton of multiple crimes including murder.

When it became known that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell, the discussion was suddenly directed to one of Epstein’s most powerful friends, former President Bill Clinton.


Jeffrey Epstein's Death


The Jeffrey Epstein suicide in his jail cell on August 10, 2019, has raised many questions. To be more specific, the main question is how a high-profile suspect was able to kill himself inside one of the country’s most high-security prisons.

Like we already mentioned, the name Clinton was once again involved in a notorious death. Some people have suggested that Epstein knew more “dark” secrets than he could handle.


George Soros Controls Everything


The rumors about George Soros being one of the evilest human beings on earth started in the early 1990s as one of the first campaigns of the post-Soviet empire.

Curiously, the billionaire investor has been known for making a series of predictions across topics as diverse as social-media networks, the global economy, and world politics that are surprisingly accurate.

A mere coincidence? Or is there more to it?


The CIA Schemes to Murder Fidel Castro


It’s no secret that the Cuban communist leader was America’s #1 threat for many years.

Despite the CIA making several hundred unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro during his time as the President of Cuba, the official American government denied any involvement in this for decades.


Area 51


The US government’s official name for Area 51 is the Nevada Test and Training Range, which is a unit of the Nellis Air Force Base. Today it is used as an open training range for the US Air Force.

However, the specific location has long been a topic of fascination for conspiracy theorists and paranormal enthusiasts, who suggest that the location is used by the US government to store and hide alien bodies and UFOs.


The New World Order


What is the New World Order exactly? Proponents suggest that it’s an anticipated new era of global cooperation between diverse nations, races, and cultures aimed at ushering in a utopia providing all the earth’s citizens with everything they need.

However, this celebrity-obsessed culture and the role that mainstream media plays in shaping the lives of people appears to be heading toward more of a dystopian dictatorship than a harmonic and peaceful utopia.


Adolf Hitler's "Fake" Death


In recent years, many theories and even books – such as Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams – have proposed the theory that Hitler did not die as the Soviets advanced on Berlin, but lived out his final years in South America.

The Soviets (and later the Russian Federation) claimed for years to have some remains of Hitler. But this claim was exposed in 2009 when an American scientist was allowed to examine the supposed skull of Hitler.

He concluded that the skull was definitely female, not male, and from a person aged 20 to 40, not 56, Hitler’s reported age of death. The Russian government still denies this account from Nick Bellantoni of the University of Connecticut.



Winston Churchill and UFOs


Sir Winston Churchill has been accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War.

The former prime minister allegedly ordered that the unexplained incident over the east coast of England should be kept secret for at least 50 years because it would provoke mass panic.

The claim was made by a scientist who said his grandfather was one of Churchill’s bodyguards. The British government rejects these claims to this day.




“Spygate” started in May 2018, when President Donald Trump accused the Obama administration of implanting a spy in his 2016 presidential campaign for political purposes.

However, Trump made these accusations without providing any evidence. He just claimed that “team” Obama organized all this in an effort to help Hillary Clinton win the general election.

In other words, Trump was just being Trump … again!


The Moon Landing Hoax


This is definitely one of the most famous (if not THE most famous) conspiracy theories of the 20th century. Most of you know what’s going on with this one, right?

To make a long story short, some peeps suggest that we never put a man on the moon, but instead the American government hired Stanley Kubrick to film the moon landing in a soundstage.


Deep State in the US


The term “deep state” refers to a theory which suggests that plotting and cronyism exist within the US political system and constitutes a hidden government within the legitimately elected government.

To put it simply, presidents such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and so on, are nothing but puppets who are taking orders from “above.”


The "Cancer" of Cultural Marxism


The term “cultural Marxism” refers to a critique of pop culture by the Frankfurt School. According to this theory, the Frankfurt School was behind an ongoing Marxist plot to destroy the capitalist West from within, spreading throughout academia and indoctrinating students to hate patriotism and freedom.

Thus, rock’n’roll, the civil rights movement, homosexuality, modern feminism, bias towards straight white men, and all the decadence in the Western World since the late 1950s are allegedly products of the Frankfurt School in cooperation with the Zionists.


Julia Child's Intelligence


Long before she cooked delicious dishes on TV, Julia Child helped the CIA develop shark repellent. And the scary thing about this “theory” is that it’s not just a theory anymore.

Details about Child’s background and nearly 24,000 other employees from the Office of Strategic Services (the predecessor of CIA) have been recently uncovered in newly found documents. These documents were withheld from public view as “classified records” for decades.


The Montauk Project


The “Montauk Project” refers to a series of secret US government projects conducted at Camp Hero Air Force Station in Montauk, New York. The purpose of these experiments supposedly was the development of psychological warfare techniques and exotic research, including time travel.

What’s even crazier is that Netflix’s Stranger Things was originally titled “Montauk.” Why? Because the super successful TV show was based, in part, on rumors surrounding the Camp Hero airbase and some really weird events that took place there.

For the most part, these events remain shrouded in mystery.


The RFID Chips


Radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) – such as those implanted into pets for tracking purposes – have drawn the interest of conspiracy theorists who suggest that this technology is secretly implanted in humans.

Why? Because this way the government can easily brainwash, control, and track down any citizen with no problems at all.


Weather and Earthquake Control Projects


Have you ever heard of the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska? Or how former President Obama used to change the weather by playing with a joystick? These may sound like crazy scenarios from a sci-fi film, but let’s not rush to any conclusions yet.

Believe it or not, the US Air Force has referred to using the weather for military purposes before:

Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes.

Yep, this is a statement made by officers of the US Air Force, not some weird conspiracy theorists.


The Sutherland Springs Church Shooting


The Sutherland Springs church shooting is, unfortunately, the deadliest mass shooting in Texas. It is also the deadliest shooting in an American place of worship in modern history.

Some people have claimed that it was a false flag operation. More specifically, they have implied that the shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, is an Antifa and a hardcore supporter of Hillary Clinton.

According to their theories, he targeted the church because the people inside were white conservatives. It seems like the “Clinton Body Count” conspiracies are endless.


False History


The term false history or “pseudohistory” was coined for the first time back in the early nineteenth century. What is it, exactly?

False history is supposedly a form of pseudoscholarship that attempts to distort true historical facts, often using methods resembling those used in legitimate historical research.

According to the supporters of this theory, governments around the world are aware of this method and use it to propagandize and brainwash the people.


The Potemkin Village


Governments wage war not only with weapons but also by spreading disparaging rumors. The Russians were so good at it that their history became the source of a new term: “the Potemkin Village.”

The term derives from tales of a fake, portable village built by Grigory Potemkin to impress Empress Catherine II during her journey to Crimea in 1787.

Since then, “the Potemkin Village” has been widely used in politics and economics to describe false promises made by the government. These include promises that deceive citizens into thinking that a situation is better than it really is.


The FEMA Camps


The United States’ Federal Emergency Management Agency has been the subject of many theories throughout the years.

One of them alleges that the organization has been engaged in building concentration camps on America soil, in advance of the imposition of martial law and genocide.

The FEMA camps conspiracy theory has circulated since the late 1970s, but it recently went viral with the advance of the Internet and social media platforms.


The Silent White Genocide


It’s no secret that white people have dominated every field of American culture, life, and society for the past four centuries. However, some modern scholars have suggested that the low birth rates of American whites will eventually lead to their extinction.

New studies show that for many white Americans, this isn’t just an absurd theory but a real fear. A real fear that includes racial and political bias against them.

If one takes into consideration the 21st-century mass migration to Europe by non-white, non-Christian populations and the violent murder of many white farmers in South Africa, this fear appears to have become a global phenomenon.


The Man from Taured


This truly weird story begins and ends with a man from a country that doesn’t even exist. The so-called “Man from Taured” arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, a hot day on July 12, 1954. After he was interrogated by the local authorities for appearing suspicious, he claimed to come from a country called Taured.

While being kept in a hotel room near the airport, he disappeared a day after arriving in Japan. Moreover, all of his personal documents, such as his passport and driver’s license, also disappeared … making this strange story even stranger.

Could this have been a visitor from a parallel universe or was it just fake news? To this day, the Japanese government hasn’t confirmed or denied the authenticity of this story.


Project MKUltra


While some of the conspiracy theories that revolve around the CIA are wild speculation, a few of them are real and well documented. Among them is a project with little scientific merit (and significant ethical concerns) called Project MKUltra.

This was the code name for a series of investigations into mind-bending substances, techniques, and medical procedures. The aim of this project was to develop truth serums, mind-control drugs, and determine what chemicals and methods had potential use for torture, disorientation, and espionage.

The experiments began in 1953 and lasted for at least 20 years.


The Grand Central Terminal's Secret Rooms


The Grand Central Terminal in New York is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. Nearly 22 million visitors pass through the terminal every year, excluding train and subway passengers.

What most of them may not know, however, is that nine stories below the lowest floor exists a bunker known as M-42. According to rumors (that may be more than rumors), M-42 had executors with shoot-to-kill orders during World War II. They were apparently stationed in the bunker to prevent a terrorist attack or sabotage while the trains were used to ferry troops into and out of New York.

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