25 Good Deeds That Need To Be Done More Often

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How would you feel if you drive up to the drive-thru window expecting to hear the total price of your order only to be told that your order has been paid? What about that rare occasion that you actually go to the library, you pick up a book and there, tucked in between some pages there’s this note that says “you are beautiful”? These are but a couple of examples from the 25 Good Deeds That Need To Be Done More Often.


Make the best use of the social media to promote an organization, a project or a cause


People today use the social media to connect with their friends and relatives. What most people do not know is that social networking sites actually have more uses than just allowing people to connect. Social media can be used to promote worthwhile projects or organizations through sharing them with friends.


Express how you feel to someone special to you


You don’t need an occasion or holiday to express sentiment. Tell your parents, siblings, friends or significant other how much you love them and how much they mean to you.


Host a celebratory party for the success of a friend or family member


Happy are those people who know how to be happy for other people’s successes. One of the ways through which you can spread goodness is by hosting or organizing a celebratory party for a friend who has reached an important milestone in their lives, such as a promotion at work.


Donate your money to a worthwhile cause


If you have been given much, why not share? Good will is not about merit, it’s about undeserved grace. So help someone who can’t help themselves by donating money to their cause.


Donate your old books to local libraries


If you are not reading them anymore, why keep them? Your local library will find someone who’d want to read your books.


Try controlling your temper, at least for a day


If you are the type that easily gets angry (or is always in a grumpy mood), do everyone around you a favor and focus on being the most positive person you can be for a whole entire day. Who knows, this may be a habit you’ll find yourself practice more often.


Sign up for charitable causes such as charity walks or runs


By doing something that is healthy, you help to bring awareness to causes that will eventually benefit many other people.


Explore new hobbies that somebody you personally know is passionate about


Learning a hobby that someone else is passionate about you allows you to kill two bird with one stone. On one hand, you will be learning something new. On the other hand, you will be creating a bond with someone.


Adopt a pet


By adopting a pet, not only will you be saving the life of a beautiful animal, but you will also be helping the rest of the community by keeping unwanted animals of the streets.


Do something good for the environment


Paying-it-Forward is not just about people, but also the environment. Consider volunteering to clean up a local park and help plant trees.


Refer someone you know to help promote his/her business


The best form of advertisement is ‘word of mouth’. So if your friend has a business, be sure to refer their business to potential clients. Your friend will truly appreciate it.


Introduce your friends to your other friends from other circles


When you bring your network of friends together and introduce them to one another, you do not only get to build unity among your friends but you also give your friends the opportunity to connect and explore new ideas and interests.


Pay for someone's drive-thru order.


If you really want to blow someone’s mind; next time you are going through your favorite drive through, consider paying for the order of the person behind you.


Offer a good deed to the elderly


Nothing is more rewarding than lending a hand to other people, especially to the elderly. Share your youthful and vibrant self to them by helping them with manual labor around their home, or visit nursing homes to offer up your company.


Mentor someone


Everyone needs a good mentor but they are so hard to find. Consider becoming a mentor to someone, and give them some guidance through the confusing journey of life.


Seek out people who have a hard time socializing


On Pay-it-Forward Day, try to be an equal opportunity listener. Reach out to that someone who rarely talks and try to befriend them.


Donate some of your old clothes to charity


If you have not worn something in your closet for over a year, chances are you probably wont ever wear these clothing items again. Why not donate them so that someone else can enjoy them.


Be extra generous to your service providers


If you’ve worked in the service industry, you’ll know how much this is appreciated. Servers work hard to make your dining experience enjoyable, return the favor by giving them a good tip. NOTE: That in the U.S. A good tip is at least 20% (but try giving 25%).


Preserve Mother Earth's resources


Be conscious about energy consumption. Use light bulbs that consume less energy compared to other light bulbs, turn off lights in rooms that are unoccupied, ditch the plastics and learn how to reuse, reduce and recycle. Every effort that you make surely counts.


Donate blood


Blood banks always need blood. Why not help meet their need by donating today.


Offer babysitting services for free


Especially if you are the type who loves babies or kids; offering free babysitting will be hugely appreciated (just ask any burnt out parent).


Redirect gifts


If you are celebrating your birthday and you are expecting guests to bring gifts, tell them to donate them to charity instead.


Help out a neighbor who is sick but does not have a family to depend on


Not everyone has a family that stands besides them during difficult times. But family is not just about flesh and blood, YOU can be their family by offering your support whenever needed.


Leave encouraging post-it notes to books in your library


Everybody needs to be reminded how amazing they are. Why not be that instrument by writing encouraging notes and leaving them inside books for other to read.


Give the homeless some food to eat


If you’re eating out and you notice a homeless person outside the restaurant, ask him to join you and let him order whatever he wants.

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