25 Giant Facts You Might Not Know About Dinosaurs

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It’s hard to find a person who is not fascinated by dinosaurs. After all, when you stop and think about how some of these extinct creatures looked and behaved, it can be an overwhelming thought trail. Some of these creatures were massive! Millions of years ago, however, and long before there were people on Earth, dinosaurs ruled the earth–a fact that might just explain some of these 25 Giant Facts You Might Not Know About Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs were one of several kinds of prehistoric reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era, also known as the “Age of Reptiles.” Even though we still don’t know or can’t be certain about many things concerning dinosaurs (for example, paleontologists can only speculate how they behaved, how they mated, what color they were, or even whether a fossil belonged to a male or female dinosaur), we know for a fact there were lots of different kinds of dinosaurs that lived at various times. Some walked on two legs (they were bipedal), some walked on four (they were quadrupedal), some could do both, some were armor-plated, some had horns, crests, or spikes, and they have been a source of inspiration for writers, directors, and storytellers for more than a century. The details of their extinction (among other details about them) remain a mystery and paleontologists are furiously studying their remains to learn about their prehistoric world. Take a revealing look into our prehistoric past with these 25 Giant Facts You Might Not Know About Dinosaurs.


This is the reason why some scientists believe that birds are a surviving genetically modified (like mutants in X-Men) species of dinosaurs and thus dinosaurs are not actually extinct.

X-menSource: Giant Facts about Dinosaurs (Book), Image: flickr.com, Photo by BagoGames

The earliest named dinosaur found so far is the Eoraptor, which means “dawn stealer.” It was named this because it lived at the dawn of the Dinosaur Age. It was a meat eater about the size of a German shepherd.

German shepherdSource: Giant Facts about Dinosaurs (Book), Image: commons.wikimedia.org

All dinosaurs laid eggs. About forty kinds of dinosaur eggs have been discovered to date.

eggsSource: Giant Facts about Dinosaurs (Book), Image: Wikipedia

The word “dinosaur” was coined by British paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842. It is Greek for “terrible lizard.” Rather than implying that dinosaurs were fearsome, Owen used the term to refer to their majesty and size.

Richard OwenSource: Giant Facts about Dinosaurs (Book), Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Some dinosaurs’ tails were over forty-five feet long. Have you ever wondered why this was so? Well, according to paleontologists, most dinosaurs had long tails because it helped them to keep their balance when running.

dinosaurs’ tailsSource: Giant Facts about Dinosaurs (Book), Image: Wikipedia

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