25 Ghastly Characters You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In Real Life

Aside from their hair-raising story lines, among the many things that make horror movies interesting to watch is their characters. Some of the scariest characters in the history of horror films were so unforgettably bloodcurdling that they even haunted people in their sleep. The good news is that these characters are made up. But can you image if they weren’t? Here is a list of 25 Ghastly Characters You Wouldn’t Want To Meet In Real Life.

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Sadako Yamamura

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Sadako Yamamura, more commonly known as Sadako, was the antagonist in the 1998 hit Japanese horror movie entitled The Ring. She also appeared as the antagonist in other horror movies such as Rasen. The character also starred in the movie Ring 0: Birthday. In the original movie, Sadako was portrayed as a quasi-oceanic demigod who was the daughter of some oceanic based entity.


Grand High Witch

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The Grand High Witch first appeared in the movie The Witches and was introduced as the leader of all the witches on Planet Earth. She was the main antagonist in Roald Dahl’s The Witches and was described as a merciless witch who traveled around the world to proclaim the ultimate mission of witches: to destroy children.


Freddy Krueger

Freddy Kruegerpatdollard.com

Frederick Charles Krueger, more commonly known as Freddy, was the main antagonist in the movie series A Nightmare on Elm Street. His character was a disfigured serial killer who killed his victims in their dreams by making use of his glove armed with razors. A powerful force, Freddy was totally invulnerable to damage from conventional weapons.


The Child Catcher

The Child Catcherbasementrejects.com

The Child Catcher was first introduced in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in 1968. He was the supporting antagonist in the movie and in the stage musical adaptation of the film. Created by Roald Dahl, his character was employed by the Bomburst couple to snatch and imprison children in Vulgaria.




In the Hellraiser movie series, Pinhead was the main antagonist who was also the leader of the Cenobites, a group of former human creatures from an extra-dimensional realm who traveled to planet Earth to harvest human souls. His character was depicted as intelligent and articulate. Critics of the movie likened him to Count Dracula because his character was presented as a departure from wise-cracking horror movie villains.

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