25 Genius Microwave Cooking Tips

Posted by , Updated on October 28, 2016


The microwave is now used in different ways, more than just being a food heater. In fact, chefs and food enthusiasts have created various recipes for it. Pastries, baked goodies, entrees, and even snacks are now made in the microwave. You will never believe that cooking processes like baking, frying, and grilling can be done in such a small heating box. So how do they do it? Here are 25 genius microwave-cooking tips that can help you in using the microwave to your advantage.


Slicing Tear-free Onions


You can make the onions tear-free by cutting the upper and lower ends before putting them in the microwave. Heat them on full power for 30 seconds and the juices will dry. The taste is still there but the teary enzymes are taken away, making the onion easy to slice.


Melting Margarine


Margarine can be melted in the microwave at high heat for just one minute. This is better than letting it stay in the air for hours or risking it burning on the stove.


Making Spices Smelly Again


Spices, nuts, and seeds can have their aroma back by using the microwave. Place the spices in a microwave safe bowl for 15 seconds at full power.


Revitalizing Potato Chips


Those who want to restore the crunchiness of potato chips can do so in the microwave. Put in the chips together with paper towels and the moisture will be sucked by the towels. Even brief heating can restore the crispiness with ease.


Freshening Stale Crackers


It’s not just chips that can restore its crispiness in the microwave. Even stale crackers and cereals can benefit from this trick. There’s no need for paper towels. Just have them placed in the microwave, heat it for about 30 seconds, and everything goes back just like they were freshly bought.

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