25 Genius Microwave Cooking Tips

Posted by , Updated on October 28, 2016


The microwave is now used in different ways, more than just being a food heater. In fact, chefs and food enthusiasts have created various recipes for it. Pastries, baked goodies, entrees, and even snacks are now made in the microwave. You will never believe that cooking processes like baking, frying, and grilling can be done in such a small heating box. So how do they do it? Here are 25 genius microwave-cooking tips that can help you in using the microwave to your advantage.


Making a Fast Scrambled Egg


You can cook tasty scrambled eggs in the microwave for 3 minutes. In a mug, beat eggs with salt, cheese, and herbs if you like. Place the mug in the box at high heat. When you hear the “ding”, prepare for an instant taste of amazing.


Decrystallizing Honey


Is honey too hard for you? When it’s crystallized, just remove the lid, place the jar in the microwave, and heat it low for two minutes. Everything will be gooey and tasty again.


Soaking Lentils and Beans


Speed up the overnight soaking process of lentils and beans. This can be done by placing the beans on a microwave-safe bowl, adding a pinch of sodium bicarbonate, and pouring water until completely submerged. Heat the bowl high for 10 minutes. Set things cool for 30-40 minutes and the beans are good to go.


Drying Herbs


Herbs can be dried in the microwave when you follow this tip. Have the herbs placed on a cup with towels in place. Set the heat into high for about 2-4 minutes. Crumple the herbs in the paper towel and everything ends up dry.


Melting Chocolate the Right Way


Here’s the right way to melt chocolate in the microwave without the lumpy mess. Cut the chocolate into very small pieces. Place them in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it on medium for 15 seconds burst. After heating, rest for 15 seconds and do another set until desired creaminess is achieved. Stir lightly when you notice melting.

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