25 Futuristic Sci-Fi Gadgets That Exist Or Will Soon

Science-fiction movies have always shown us things we don’t have but want – one of the reasons their futuristic gadgets wow us time after time. Some of the early sci-fi movies’ inventions have become a reality today. Here, we check out some of those which exist or are at least almost among us. Enjoy this list of our top 25 futuristic sci-fi gadgets which exist or will soon.

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Invisibility cloak

It may seem a bit Harry Potterish, but scientists (yes, science can be cool!) are bending light through lenses to essentially make an invisibility coat for the wearer.


Moon travel

Moon travel sci fi

The first sci-fi movie was made in 1902 France and featured astronauts blasting off on a bullet-like ship to visit the moon and its inhabitants. Though only the U.S. has put a human on the moon, Russia and China have landed spacecrafts there as well.



Wok cooking

A futuristic self-cooker is now available called Wirio. Pull out the wire and arrange it in a pattern like a stovetop. Set it to the heat you want and the wire warms up to cook your food or keep things warm.


Flying cars

Flying car

The Fifth Element’s flying car chase spurred an interest in many towards piloting their very own metal birds. And we’re nearly there, with product’s like Terrafugia’s TF-X, expected to top out at a speed of 200 mph (320 km/h).


Shark repellent

Shark attack

In Batman’s 1966 movie, the caped crusader used a can of shark repellent on his attacker. Scientists have created a device that uses magnetism to overwhelm some of the sharks’ sensors (think of a strobe light or an ultra-high pitched sound to us) and send them swimming off.

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