25 Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Posted by , Updated on September 19, 2017


Are you looking for ideas how to dress up your pooch for the upcoming Halloween? Today’s post will help you out with that! We have already searched the web through for you to find the most creative, funny, cute, scary, and hilarious dog costumes. All of them are available on Amazon and the links can be found in the description of each of the costumes so that you can buy the one that will suit your doggie most. From a karate gi and Mexican ponchos to skeletons and afro wigs, check out these 25 Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs.



funny dog halloween costume

If you want your doggie to be cute rather than scary, you should get him this adorable butterfly costume designed by Animal Planet. It consists of antennae, head piece, and beautiful foam Monarch butterfly wings.



funny dog halloween costume

Another irresistible insect costume, this fancy outfit will turn your pooch into a cute little bumblebee. The product comes with antennae headband with yellow pom-poms and transparent mesh wings.



funny dog halloween costume

Make your doggie girl the hottest chick of the party with this stylish blonde wig. It fits particularly well to little Chihuahuas, but it makes a great accessory for almost any small breed.



funny dog halloween costume

Are you going to be dressed as Batman this Halloween? You must get your furry friend this super cool Batdog costume then! Produced by Animal Plant, the costume comes with a bat headpiece and foam wings.



funny dog halloween costume

This pizza headpiece by Rubies looks great and is perfect for any pizza lover.

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