25 Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Posted by , Updated on September 19, 2017

Are you looking for ideas how to dress up your pooch for the upcoming Halloween? Today’s post will help you out with that! We have already searched the web through for you to find the most creative, funny, cute, scary, and hilarious dog costumes. All of them are available on Amazon and the links can be found in the description of each of the costumes so that you can buy the one that will suit your doggie most. From a karate gi and Mexican ponchos to skeletons and afro wigs, check out these 25 Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs.



funny dog halloween costume

According to the description on Amazon.com, this cute costume by Rubies is recommended for breeds such as Labradors and Retrievers, but we would say it would turn pretty much any lady dog into an adorable canine princess.


Lion Mane

funny dog halloween costume

Get your pooch this fancy lion wig, and he will win the first prize of any Halloween costume party this year. It can easily fit around the neck of most dogs as it is available in two neck sizes. The costume comes with an extra gift, the lion tail.


Wonder Woman

funny dog halloween costume

Let your doggie join the Halloween fun with this original Wonder Woman costume. Available at a price of just $13.60, the product is suggested for smaller breeds such as Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell, French Bulldog etc.


Marial Art-Pup

funny dog halloween costume

If you are a true martial artist and have a four-legged best friend, this creative product by DogGi is a must-have item for you. Made from comfortable, durable, and washable material, it is available in five different sizes.



funny dog halloween costume

This highly adjustable sailor costume by Pet Krewe fits most small dog breeds. By buying this cute costume, you will also help some other, not so fortunate pooches as a portion of every purchase from Pet Krewe goes to local animal shelters.



funny dog halloween costume

Creating an illusion of your doggie being attacked by a bloodthirsty shark, this pet costume is going to be this year’s Halloween hit. Made from high-quality plush, this costume can be yours for just $13.53.


Mexican Poncho

funny dog halloween costume

This fancy costume consisting of a small golden-black sombrero and a rainbow poncho can be used for many occasions such as Halloween or Cinco de Mayo. The costume is highly adjustable to fit most dogs, and it can be easily hand-washed.



funny dog halloween costume

Star Wars fans will certainly love to see their pooches dressed in this fancy Bantha costume by Rubies. Made to fit most medium-sized dogs, the costume comes with a headpiece and an attached rider.


Business Suit

funny dog halloween costume

Suit your doggie up with this neat business outfit that features a blue suit with an attached white collar and a stylish red necktie.


Shark Fin

funny dog halloween costume

Another shark-themed costume on the list, this original accessory designed by Rasta Imposta will turn even the smallest and cutest puppy into a feared marine predator. Well, if your imagination is wild enough.



funny dog halloween costume

Ever wondered what you pup would look like as a dinosaur? Get him this stegosaurus costume, and you will see! It includes a foam headpiece and a padded green jumpsuit with attached spinal plates and tail.


UPS Courier

funny dog halloween costume

Your reliable canine courier is here. Produced by California Costumes, this dog costume includes a shirt with a stuffed front and attached arms, a UPS box and a cap. The box is attached with Velcro to the arms.


Hot Dog

funny dog halloween costume

With this ridiculous hot dog costume by Forum Novelties, your pooch is sure to be the center of attention at any Halloween party.



funny dog halloween costume

Available in three sizes, this creative NACOCO costume will turn your furry friend into a perfect dog version of a pirate of the Caribbean.



funny dog halloween costume

Perfect for Halloween parties, parades, and other events, this mermaid dog costume features iridescent seashell bra with metallic fish scale tail.



funny dog halloween costume

May the Force be with your pooch! Officially licensed by Lucas film Ltd, this elaborate Jedi dog costume is a real must-have for all Star Wars fans who own a dog.


Afro Wig

funny dog halloween costume

Let your dog join the fun with this fancy Afro curly wig. Attachable with an elastic chin strap, this fashionable accessory is now available at a price of just $6.29.



funny dog halloween costume

Let your canine scare the life out of everybody with this creepy skeleton costume. It is particularly effective if your dog is black.



funny dog halloween costume

Officially licensed by Warner Bros Home Entertainment, this is another popular Rubies costume from the DC Comics family. Available in four sizes, this costume will make your four-legged lady the superhero of any Halloween party.



funny dog halloween costume

One of the crawliest and creepiest dog costumes ever made, this tarantula costume by Zack & Zoey lets your dog be the scariest creature in your neighborhood.



funny dog halloween costume

If you want your doggie to be cute rather than scary, you should get him this adorable butterfly costume designed by Animal Planet. It consists of antennae, head piece, and beautiful foam Monarch butterfly wings.



funny dog halloween costume

Another irresistible insect costume, this fancy outfit will turn your pooch into a cute little bumblebee. The product comes with antennae headband with yellow pom-poms and transparent mesh wings.



funny dog halloween costume

Make your doggie girl the hottest chick of the party with this stylish blonde wig. It fits particularly well to little Chihuahuas, but it makes a great accessory for almost any small breed.



funny dog halloween costume

Are you going to be dressed as Batman this Halloween? You must get your furry friend this super cool Batdog costume then! Produced by Animal Plant, the costume comes with a bat headpiece and foam wings.



funny dog halloween costume

This pizza headpiece by Rubies looks great and is perfect for any pizza lover.

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