25 Funny Gifs Of Brave Cats That Fear Nothing

Cats are adorable, silly, little things aren’t they? Their antics either entertain or in some rare cases annoy, but one thing is certain; cats are unique and interesting creatures. Now you may not know this (unless you are a cat owners of course) but aside from their propensity to be cute and adorable goofballs, cats can be surprisingly brave. There have been stories of brave cats fighting off bears, dogs, alligators, and whole mess of other creatures. It’s true…and we have the gifs to prove it.

BUT WAIT! What about the expression “scaredy cat”? Doesn’t this show that cats lack the virtue of bravery? The simple answer is, no. Whoever coined this phrase probably never owned cats, and if they did, they probably didn’t pay that much attention to them. Whoever this person(people) is(are) should be ashamed of themselves. But enough of the silly banter. As you are about to see, cats are brave enough to tango with angry dogs, stand their ground against hungry alligators, instill fear in the heart of deadly snakes and so much more. So if you’re ready to witness cats in a whole new way, we present to you these 25 funny gifs of brave cats that fear nothing…seriously, absolutely nothing.

Thank you Youtuber “Lars Sonic fan” for the list suggestion.

25 - bunny02206.blogspot.com 019Image: bunny02206.blogspot.com
brave catImage: www.mirror.co_.uk

brave catImage: www.sbnation.com
brave catImage: www.reddit.com

21 - www.eonline.com rs_500x284-140514111423-852902785Image: www.eonline.com

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