25 Funny Dog Photos You Just Can’t Explain

Posted by , Updated on June 11, 2015


Dogs are capable of all types of crazy and hilarious antics and every dog owner knows this to be true. But some dogs take their antics to a whole different level of cute goofiness! From a scuba diving dog to a hippie retriever, enjoy these 25 funny dog photos that just cannot be explained.


Snow, you have met your match.

funny dogImage: www.myfunnyanimals.com

Love, Peace, and Woofiness!

hippie dogImage: imgbuddy.com

Ready for the battle!

Armed dogImage: thumbpress.com

"What is this sorcery!"

Scared dogImage: www.pinstopin.com

That moment when your dog wants to be a seal

funny dogImage: hdimagelib.com

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