25 Funny, Curious And Interesting Facts About Easter You May Not Know

Posted by , Updated on April 21, 2014


Easter is known to be the Sunday that marks the end of the Holy Week, an event that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is greatly influenced by the Christian faith as it reminds believers to remember the last sacrifice of the Son of God. Others think of it as a time of celebration with Easter Eggs, bunnies and peeps. So to celebrate, here are 25 Funny, Curious And Interesting Facts About Easter You May Not Know.


Good Friday is an official holiday in 12 US states


The white lily, the symbol of the resurrection, is the special Easter flower.


Jellybeans were first made in America by Boston candy maker William Schrafft, who ran advertisements urging people to send jellybeans to soldiers fighting in the Civil War.

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The traditional act of painting eggs is called Pysanka.


The date of Passover is variable as it is dependent on the phases of the moon, and thus Easter is a movable feast.


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