25 Funny Australian Slang Phrases From The Land Down Under

The Land Down Under is an interesting place. Not only is it a pretty good distance from any other continent or landmass, but it is also different in other ways. It’s climate, flora, and fauna, all reflect a very unique world that has developed its own traditions and cultures. Don’t get us wrong, though. Australia is still very much a part of the Commonwealth and retains the Queen as its head of state. While this doesn’t mean much in terms of actual governance, it does make clear the point that Australia has strong ties to its former colonial power, the United Kingdom. This means that culturally, linguistically, and historically, Australia has much in common with its Commonwealth counterparts around the globe.

In spite of this, the Land Down Under has managed to create its own lingo and vocabulary that makes it uniquely distinct from other English speaking nations. If you are planning to visit in the near future it would behoove you to understand some of the linguistic characteristics of this nation-continent. As with other English dialects, Australian English has its own intonation and vocabulary that natives use liberally. These are 25 funny Australian slang phrases from the Land Down Under!

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Chucking a sickie

Chucking a sickieSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: taking a sick day off from work when you’re not really sick



GrommetSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: a young surfer



ArvoSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: afternoon



ServoSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: gas station



SlabSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Meaning: 24-pack of beer

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