25 Funniest Youtuber Bloopers

During the span of your life, there will be multiple occasions where things just don’t go as planned. People can’t be perfect all of the time, after all.

Accidental mishaps are a uniquely beautiful part of being human. Forgetting your lines, experiencing an awkward moment, or laughing at the wrong time are just a few things that set us apart from other species.

Luckily, most of us don’t have to be constantly reminded of something embarrassing we did in the past. Those who experience a mess-up on camera, on the other hand, aren’t so fortunate.  

On the bright side, releasing videos of public figures and their blunders can show viewers that they are just like everyone else. It helps people relate to them more when they see that those in the public eye are not always perfect.

Funny bloopers are also a great way to get more views because let’s face it, people love watching their idols make hilarious mistakes. So, here are the 25 Funniest YouTuber Bloopers.

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Grace Helbig


Grace Helbig is a jack of all trades. She is an actress, comedian, and creator and host of her own YouTube channel. The majority of her YouTube content is food-related.

She has two million YouTube follows and earns around one million dollars per year.

In one of the earlier videos she uploaded, Helbig showed her fans that some scenes take more than one shot to get right. Grace Bloopers – SORTED earned around 385,895 views since uploading it in 2013.




Justine Ezarik, also known as iJustine, is an American YouTube vlogger, actress, model, and television host. She shot to fame after gaining attention as a lifecaster and now has over six million subscribers.

Ezarik’s YouTube channel mainly consists of electronic product reviews. However, in 2016, she uploaded a funny video that showcases all of her 2016 cooking fails, bloopers, mess-ups, and complications.  


Trisha Paytas


Life changes dramatically for a person once they become famous. For Trisha Paytas, a media personality, model, and YouTube vlogger, she struggled financially before she got her big break.

Paytas had trouble finding gigs as an actress after she moved to Los Angeles, California. However, she now has over one million subscribers on YouTube and makes around $700,000 per year.

In 2014, she uploaded a video on How to Take a Slutty Selfie BLOOPERS which got her almost 650,000 views. 


Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy is a television host, comedian, and YouTube vlogger. She has over 17 million follows and averages somewhere around 50 million views per video. 

Koshy has openly admitted that while filming videos for her channel, there have been crazy moments that don’t always make the final cut.

Luckily for Koshy fans, she uploaded a special video that features six minutes full of funny mess-ups. THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!! Lizzza has had over 13,000,000 views since being uploaded in 2016.


David Dobrik Too

David Dobrikhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzLXD9NTg_E

David Dobrik’s career has skyrocketed after gaining popularity on YouTube. Most recently, he was cast in The Angry Birds Movie 2 as Axel and has been selected as a judge for America’s Most Musical Family.

Even though Dorbik has been doing more television and movie gigs lately, he still is very much involved in his YouTube Channel. On September 12, 2019 Dorik uploaded a hilarious bloopers video that has been viewed more than 7,000,000 times. 


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