25 Fun Facts About Bubblegum

There’s nothing better than chewing a minty stick of gum after a meal. It freshens your breath and gives you something else to chew for a while. We’ve all heard sugary gum can cause cavities and swallowing it might not be the smartest idea, but there’s quite a lot of other information and history about bubblegum you might not know. Here are 25 Fun Facts About Bubblegum.


William F. Semple was one of the first to file a patent for chewing gum.

wfsemple_original_mediumSource: http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org

In 1869, doctor William F. Semple designed and patented a chewing gum from rubber he claimed could help with tooth decay and strengthen your jaw. The ingredients in his gum included powdered licorice and charcoal.


John Curtis

John_B_CurtisSource: http://www.chewinggumfacts.com

In 1848, John Curtis of Maine was the first to widely commercialize chewing gum, being ahead of his time. He developed a machine to mass produce it and started up a factory that produced eighteen hundred boxes a day. However, this gum needed to be dipped in powdered sugar to stay sweet.


Walter Diemer

Walter_DiemerSource: http://www.anb.org

Walter Diemer was the first person to invent bubble gum even though he was an accountant by trade. He played around with gum recipes in his spare time. After discovering the candy, he sold it to mom and pop shops around the country and they sold out in a day. However, he didn’t patent the invention, and copycats popped up all over the place, resulting in intense competition. He never received royalties for the invention.


Turkey has the most chewing gum companies in the world.

turkey-1460149_640Source: https://prezi.com

The country of Turkey must love their chewing gum. They rank as having the most chewing gum companies in the world, while the United States is the second.


The Soviet Union didn't allow gum until 1977.

Map-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svgSource: https://globalvoices.org

Like most capitalist items, chewing gum was strictly forbidden in the Soviet Union up until 1977. Much like treating it like a narcotic, if you were caught, you’d be thrown in prison.

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