25 Fun Facts About Apple (The Fruit)

Apples are the third most popular fruit in the world, after mangoes and bananas, and are somewhat of a cultural icon in the Western World, despite originating in Asia. (Um, we think. No one is really sure.) We eat applesauce when we’re sick and apple pie on holidays, but what do we really know about the history and production of this common little fruit? To help us appreciate nature’s perfect snack, here are 25 Fun Facts About Apple (The Fruit).
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Apples are actually a part of the rose, or Rosaceae family of plants. This includes many fruit plants such as pears, almonds, apricots, cherries, plums, raspberries, peaches and more.

roseSource: https://www.britannica.com

Despite the fact that only the crab apple is native to North America, there are over 2,500 hundred different different types of apples grown in North America today.

crab-applesSource: http://www.farmflavor.com/

Johnny Appleseed (real name John Chapman) was yes, a real person, and yes, he planted apple trees all over parts of the United States, but he wasn't poor, and he wasn't being nice. Back then, land could be claimed if you created a permanent homestead, and one of the ways to do that was to plant 50 trees to start an orchard. Chapman planted trees, and then later would sell "his" land to people.

Johnny_Appleseed_1Source: http://mentalfloss.com

Apples were brought over to the United States from Europe by colonists. But apples - again, aside from the inedible crab apple - aren't native to Europe either. Best guest is that they're native to Asia and were introduced to Europe by the Romans, though no one is truly sure.

applegreenSource: http://www.todayifoundout.com

Half the deciduous fruit tree production in the WORLD is apples, and they're mostly produced in five countries: the United States, China, Turkey, Italy, and Poland.

applefarmSource: http://www.farmflavor.com

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