25 Free Fun Things To Do This Winter

With winter coming upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how we are going to spend this magical season. We have already shown you some cool things that might help you enjoy this winter season in our Cool Things You Might Want To Own This Winter post, nevertheless, getting these items require money (and let’s be honest, with all the Christmas gifting coming up, money might not be all that abundant right now). But don’t worry, this time, we will focus on fun things and activities that you can try this winter for free (that’s right, free). It goes without saying that Christmas and New Year are financially demanding periods of time (especially if you have little kids) which is why we are sure you will appreciate our tips on how to make the most of this winter without spending a single dollar on it. In fact, winter offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy that you may not be able to enjoy on any other season of the year (especially not in summer). From traditional winter pastimes such as building snowmen and snow ball fights to interesting winter DIY projects and visiting Christmas markets, here are 25 Free Fun Things To Do This Winter.


Go sliding

frozen pondImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Find a frozen pond, remove the upper snow layer, polish it with a piece of cloth and enjoy some nice sliding. If the ice is really smooth, you can travel impressive distances just on the soles of your boots.


Go feed the birds

bird feedingImage: pixabay.com

By feeding the birds during the winter season, you can kill two birds with one stone (pun unintended). First, you get the little hungry guys some food which will help them survive the winter and second, watching the birds being fed will keep your kids entertained.


Make a hole in ice for fish to breathe

ice fishingImage: pixabay.com

Go to a frozen lake or pond and drill a hole in the ice for the fish to breathe.


Build a winter bonfire

winter bonfireImage: flickr.com

A bonfire in winter can help create a romantic winter atmosphere while keeping everybody warm. It’s also the perfect opportunity for smores!


Attend a dog-sled race

dog-sled raceImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you live in a region where dog-sled races are held, make sure to attend one. Watching the shaggy dogs dashing across a snow-blanketed landscape is an amazing experience.

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