25 Free Fun Things To Do This Winter

Posted by , Updated on November 29, 2015

With winter coming upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how we are going to spend this magical season. We have already shown you some cool things that might help you enjoy this winter season in our Cool Things You Might Want To Own This Winter post, nevertheless, getting these items require money (and let’s be honest, with all the Christmas gifting coming up, money might not be all that abundant right now). But don’t worry, this time, we will focus on fun things and activities that you can try this winter for free (that’s right, free). It goes without saying that Christmas and New Year are financially demanding periods of time (especially if you have little kids) which is why we are sure you will appreciate our tips on how to make the most of this winter without spending a single dollar on it. In fact, winter offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy that you may not be able to enjoy on any other season of the year (especially not in summer). From traditional winter pastimes such as building snowmen and snow ball fights to interesting winter DIY projects and visiting Christmas markets, here are 25 Free Fun Things To Do This Winter.


Build a snowman

snowmanImage: en.wikipedia.org

One of the winter classics, building a snowman takes just some packable snow and a few accessories usually available in your home.


Build an igloo

iglooImage: commons.wikimedia.org

If the snow load was generous enough, you can also try to build an igloo. Use a plastic bin to form your snow bricks and stack the blocks one upon another around a circle plan. Don’t forget to leave an opening for the entrance.


Have a snowball fight

snowball fightImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Another popular winter activity, snowball fights are always fun to have. Just make sure it’s not too hard (snowballs can hurt!).


Go sledding

sledImage: flickr.com

If there is a snow-covered hill in your neighborhood, you can enjoy all possible and impossible types of downhill fun. If you don’t have a sled, use a tough plastic bag.


Make a snow angel

snow angelImage: en.wikipedia.org

Find a patch of deep fresh snow, lay down on it and imprint your body parts on the snow while moving your straight arms back and forth.


Go sliding

frozen pondImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Find a frozen pond, remove the upper snow layer, polish it with a piece of cloth and enjoy some nice sliding. If the ice is really smooth, you can travel impressive distances just on the soles of your boots.


Go feed the birds

bird feedingImage: pixabay.com

By feeding the birds during the winter season, you can kill two birds with one stone (pun unintended). First, you get the little hungry guys some food which will help them survive the winter and second, watching the birds being fed will keep your kids entertained.


Make a hole in ice for fish to breathe

ice fishingImage: pixabay.com

Go to a frozen lake or pond and drill a hole in the ice for the fish to breathe.


Build a winter bonfire

winter bonfireImage: flickr.com

A bonfire in winter can help create a romantic winter atmosphere while keeping everybody warm. It’s also the perfect opportunity for smores!


Attend a dog-sled race

dog-sled raceImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you live in a region where dog-sled races are held, make sure to attend one. Watching the shaggy dogs dashing across a snow-blanketed landscape is an amazing experience.


Go hiking

hikeImage: adventurejay.com

Talking about beautiful winter landscape, snow hiking is another great free activity you can try. It will let you enjoy breathtaking winter panoramas while breathing fresh air and working out.


Try snow painting

snow paintingImage: pinterest.com

Add food colorings to water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Then, take your kids out and let them paint your yard.


Identify animal tracks

animal tracks Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Learn how to identify animal tracks left in the snow and head out into the wilderness for a fun adventure.


Make a snow lantern

snow lanternImage: en.wikipedia.org

With packable snow and a few tea lights, you can create this amazing lantern. All you need to do is build a little snow ball pyramid and put the tea lights inside.


Host a movie night party

movie night partyImage: flickr.com

Throwing a movie night party is a great way to spend some time with your friends and save money that you would have to spend in a cinema.


Reread your favorite childhood book

reading a bookImage: pixabay.com

Curl up in a cozy armchair and read your favorite book from childhood again. You might be surprised how vividly you will remember the book.


Make yourself mulled wine

mulled wineImage: en.wikipedia.org

Few things will warm you up as nicely as a cup of home-made mulled wine. Make this traditional winter drink from red wine, sugar and mulling spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.


Craft a Christmas door wreath

Christmas door wreathImage: en.wikipedia.org

Creating your own Christmas door wreath is actually pretty easy. Make a circle frame from willow and then build up the greenery with pine needles or ivy and add cones, dried fruits and other decorative items.


Find some culture

Christmas concertImage: pixabay.com

Around Christmas, a number of cultural institutions and events such as museums, galleries, concerts, live performances etc. are free and open to the public.


Visit Christmas market

Christmas marketImage: en.wikipedia.org

For the real winter atmosphere, head out to a Christmas market. While Christmas markets used to be associated only with Europe (where they originated in the 15th century), nowadays, they are held in many other parts of the world, including some US states.


Create paper snowflakes

paper snowflakes Image: commons.wikimedia.org

If you happen to live where snow is scarce, make your own snowflakes from paper. Take a square piece of paper, fold it a few times and cut out the desired shapes. Unfold the paper and attach the newly-born snowflake on your window.


Watch the snow fall

winter landscapeImage: en.wikipedia.org

Cozy up in front of a flickering fire place and just watch the snow fall through the window. You may be surprised how relaxing and soothing it will feel.


Improve your baking skills

candiesImage: pixabay.com

Winter is the perfect time to improve your baking skills and use baking as therapy to cheer you up. Cakes, muffins, cookies, bread and rolls are just some of the delicious foods to try.


Donate clothing to a charity

charityImage: flickr.com

A long winter night is the perfect time for going through your wardrobe and sorting out old clothes. By giving it to a charity, you create some more space in your room while making someone else happy. A win-win situation indeed.


Take photos

winter landscapeImage: flickr.com

There is no denying to the fact that winter is one of the most photogenic seasons of the year. Grab your camera and go out to take some nice pictures of the winter beauty.

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