25 Freakish Looking Animals You May Have A Hard Time Believing Are Real

If you read our list of 25 Bizarre Animals With Outrageous Body Proportions then you already know that our planet can host some of the craziest looking living things. But if you thought the animals on that list were weird, then you have not seen anything yet. Our world teems with odd and wondrous life. But of the life we know exists on planet Earth, some are especially strange, odd, and bizarre. From a fish ready for its Match.com date (this will make sense when you see the fish) to an edible rock creature, we’ve dug up (almost literally, in some cases) some of the strangest looking animals on Earth. Just to give you an example, there is a toad which nurtures and incubates its babies right under its skin, an insect that literally looks like something straight out of an apocalyptic nightmare, a crab with double an average human’s wingspan, and so much more. Believe us when we tell you that you’ve never seen animals this weird before! So get ready, grab a tub of popcorn, put down your phone, and do whatever else you have to do because we’re coming at you with 25 Freakish Looking Animals You May Have A Hard Time Believing Are Real.

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Saiga Antelope

saiga antelopeSource: Zoological Society of London, Image: Wikipedia

Starting off our list of the strangest looking animals in the world is the critically endangered saiga antelope. Making its home in the Eurasian steppes, the saiga antelope has an extremely strange, over-sized nose called a proboscis. Its strange nose serves two valuable purposes: in winter, it heats up freezing air before it reaches the animal’s lungs; in summer, it filters dust and helps cool the saiga’s blood. That’s one strange looking animal!



Indian_Gharial_CrocodileSource: IUCN & IRCF, Image: Wikimedia

The gharial used to dominate rivers of the Indian subcontinent but has been reduced to only 235 creatures left in the wild due to human impact. A crocodilian, the gharial has a unique, narrow snout with 110 sharp teeth which it uses to easily catch fish: its main prey. Unfortunately, this once-powerful and strange creature is rapidly nearing extinction.


Hairy Frogfish

juvenile hairy frogfishSource: Frogfish.ch, Image: Steve Childs via Flickr

Formally known as the striated frogfish, the hairy frogfish is one unusual creature. The strands along its body aren’t actual hairs but spinules (a small thorn or spine). Like the angler fish, the hairy frogfish has an illicium which it uses as a fishing rod to attract prey.



monkfishSource: Fishbase, Image: Pixabay

Also known as “frog fish” and “sea devils”, the monkfish is a seriously strange looking creature. With a head making up most of its body, the monkfish also has a mouth which extends most of the way across its head. Within its mouth are teeth which it can depress if it wants to swallow prey whole. Despite its strange appearance, you’re likely to see monkfish at your local fishmonger as it is a commonly fished animal.


Pyura Chilensis

pyura chilensisSource: World Register of Marine Species & foodandwinefinds.blogspot, Image: Wikimedia

Pyura chilensis is a relatively common food item in Chile. A filter feeder, pyura chilensis looks like a rock and is often mistaken for one. Its meat has been described as having a “slightly bitter, soapy taste”. Yum.

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