25 Fourth Of July Recipes That Are Worth Celebrating

Posted by , Updated on December 20, 2023

It’s that time of year again when people gather to celebrate Independence Day with food, fun, laughter, and of course, fireworks. Whether you are at an outdoor barbecue or gathered in your neighbor’s living room, you can’t have the fun, laughter, and fireworks without the food. That would just be…wrong, not to mention downright un-American. If you are scratching your brain or just in need of a new idea, here are 25 recipes that will be a big hit at your Fourth of July festivities. We’ve made sure to include recipes that will help you before, during, and after the major chow-down. Happy Fourth to you and yours, and we hope you enjoy these 25 Fourth Of July Recipes That Are Worth Celebrating.


Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta

strawberry goat cheese bruschettasource & image: allrecipes.com

Let’s kick things off with a few appetizers and side dishes. This is a good recipe for its blend of sweet and savory flavors. It’s also pretty simple and doesn’t require too much time or many ingredients, especially if that grill is already fired up for the burgers and hot dogs. You can find the recipe here and a very helpful video to follow here.


Patriotic Puppy Chow

patriotic puppy chowSource: thisidylliclife.com; Image: goodhousekeeping.com, thisidylliclife.com

Have you ever tried Puppy Chow? No, not from your dog’s food dish, but the one with the Chex-mix smothered in peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. If you haven’t, mark this as a must-try recipe. You will thank us later, but we must warn you that it’s highly addicting! While it sounds more like a desert, it’s actually a fantastic snack to put out as people mingle at your party. Just don’t expect to have any left over. Find the patriotic version here.


Patriotic Dip

patriotic dipSource & Image: hungryhappenings.com

This recipe is actually quite clever. By using some food coloring and crushed up crackers, it’s easy to turn any party dip into a patriotic party dip. However, there is a really good chicken dip recipe included with the instructions.


Patriotic Flag Pretzel Snacks

pretzel flagsSource & Image: sugarswings.com

These are great for those of you who love fine detail work and have a bit of time to play with pretzels. These bite-sized snacks are another treat that would be great to put out while people mingle.


Grilled Blackberry Strawberry Basil and Brie Pizza Crisp with Honey Balsamic Glaze

Grilled-Blackberry-Strawberry-Basil-and-Brie-Pizza-Crisp-with-Honey-Balsamic-Glaze-5Source & Image: halfbakedharvest.com

If you like to grill, love pizza, and you view food as more of an art form than anything else, these pizza crisps are just for you. Just look at the picture. We’re not sure if we want to eat it or just gaze at it in wonder. Wait, who are we trying to kid? Where are the plates?


Blueberry, Strawberry, & Jicama Salsa

blueberry-strawberry-jicima-salsa5Source & Image: twopeasandtheirpod.com

What’s a party without some salsa? This salsa is pretty easy to make as all you do is chop and stir. It also looks refreshing and appetizing, too.


Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad

red white and blue potato saladSource & Image: prouditaliancook.com

Potato salad and summer-time parties go hand-in-hand. Here is a version that will add some color and patriotic pride to this classic side-dish.


Crisp Cucumber Salsa

crisp-cucumber-salsa_blogSource & Image: pkstaples.blogspot.com

Let’s face it: While celebrating Independence Day can be a huge blast, it’s really hot outside! It may not look super patriotic, but this salsa is sure to spark some love as the cucumber makes for a refreshing treat in the summer heat.


Posh Piggies

Posh PiggiesSource & Image: dunkincookingthesemi-homemadeway.blogspot.com

Another party staple is Pigs in a Blanket. These are just as easy to make and have that Fourth of July flair with puff pastry stars. Better try one at home before you leave or before your guests arrive; they won’t last for long.


Cucumber-Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

cucumber stuffed cherry tomsSource & Image: tasteofhome.com

Strawberries and raspberries aren’t the only red ingredients out there. Let’s not forget about tomatoes! This appetizer also adds cucumber and fresh dill mixed in cream cheese. What more could you ask for?


Grilled Reuben Dogs

grilled reuben dogsSource & Image: Goodhousekeeping.com

Okay, so while the next few recipes may not look patriotic because of their lack of red, white, and blue, we know that many of you will be firing up that grill! We don’t want you to have to suffer boring hot dogs and burgers. Let’s start with this new twist on classic hot dogs.


Barbecued Shrimp and Peach Kabobs

shrimp and peach kabobsSource & Image: goodhousekeeping.com

As you may start to notice, fruit is a necessity for many summer dishes. This one is no exception. Spicy seasonings and shrimp pair really well with sweet peaches and brown sugar in these grill-worthy kabobs.


Grilled White House Pizza

grilled white house pizzaSource & Image: goodhousekeeping.com

If the pizza appetizers weren’t enough for you, here is a grilled pizza that is entree-worthy. You can even say that it’s quite appropriate for this holiday as it’s a recipe from the chefs at the White House. This pizza is also great for non-meat eaters at your barbecue since it’s vegetarian.


Beer Brat Skewers

beer brat skewersSource & Image: goodhousekeeping.com

Set aside some of that beer you’re drinking because you will need about a half a cup of it to season these beer brat skewers. Looking at the ingredients, you will see that these skewers will be sure to pack a sweet & spicy punch.


Stuffed Burgers

stuffed burgerSource & Image: nola.com

We couldn’t leave out a good, juicy burger. Some of you may be thrilled with the idea of the American classic. Some others of you may find the idea of a basic burger simply boring. Why not try making stuffed burgers this year? By adding veggies, cheese, or other meats, you can be sure to spice things up a bit. Here are 3 great ideas for stuffed burgers along with helpful photos to help you pull this off.


Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwiches

ultimate fried chicken sandwichSource & Image: goodhousekeeping.com

Here is one final entree, and it won’t require a grill. It will, however, require you to set aside any notion that you are following your diet on the 4th. Fried chicken, cheese, ranch dressing, and seasonings with a kick: the name of the recipe says it all; these sandwiches are the ultimate!


Flag Cake

flag cakeSource & Image: Foodnetwork.com

To start off our deserts, we must begin with a classic. This iconic looking cake may seem intimidating, but with this video and attached directions, the Barefoot Contessa breaks it down into easy to follow steps.


Fruit-tart Flag

fruit tart flagSource & Image: foodnetwork.com; photo: Tara Donne

If baking is not your forte, and you still want to serve up some stars and stripes then this recipe may just be for you! You can find the recipe here, but we can tell you that all you’ll need to do is stir 3 simple ingredients together, use that mixture to fill premade mini-tart shells, and top with blueberries and strawberries. No one will have to know that you didn’t slave for hours over them.


Easy Flag Fruit Dessert

easy flag fruit dessertSource & Image: familyfreshmeals.com

Okay, this one is great for if you really have no time, don’t want to bake, and have no desire to dirty any mixing bowls; You will still delight some taste buds at that party. Fill a tray in stripes of red fruits and yogurt or white chocolate pretzels, and use blueberries for the stars. The picture itself might help, but for more details, click here.


Uncle Sam Hat Cake

uncle sam hat cakeSource & Image: goodhousekeeping.com

Are you tired of flag recipes? Bakers, rejoice! We haven’t forgotten about you. If you love baking and are up for a challenge that is labeled “intermediate,” this cake is for you. Just be sure to send us an invite if you make it because none of us fall into the “intermediate baker” category.


4th of July Monster Cookie Bars

4th of July cookie barsSource & Image: afarmgirlsdabbles.com

These classic cookie bars are all dressed up to show off pride in their country and delight all the kids and cookie-lovers at your party. With a few sprinkles and the appropriately-colored M&M’s, this recipe is simple enough to pull off.


Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Patriotic-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-CakeSource & Image: spendwithpennies.com

This ice cream sandwich cake is sure to impress your friends while providing a cool treat on this hot summer day. The secret? It’s actually quite easy. You will need some time to cool it the freezer though, so this isn’t a last-minute dish.


Twizzler Firecracker Cupcakes

firecracker cupcakesSource & Image: tastesoflizzyt.com

Many of us raised our eyebrows when Twizzlers came out with those Pull-n-Peel twists. However, these cupcakes put them to great use. Classic cupcakes with bit of firecracker-inspired art will be sure to add some spark to the dessert table.


Fourth of July Chocolate Bark

july-4th-barkSource & Image: goodhousekeeping.com

If you want to cut out the cake and cookies and go straight to the chocolate, here it is! These are also pretty simple to make, so not much hassle will be standing between you and the goodness.


Fourth of July Blueberry Pie

Blueberry-PieSource & Image: thebakingpan.com

Finally, there is nothing more American than pie. We said no more flags, so here are some stars instead. One look at this pie, and all the other deserts will be sure to be given second priority. Enjoy this star-spangled deliciousness.