25 Foolproof Techniques To Enhance Your Memory

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Whether you are an average person wanting to reduce forgetfulness, a university student studying for finals, or an academic thrill seeker wanting to perform mental feats, this list will unlock doorways into your own memory that you’ve probably never witnessed before. These 25 fooproof techniques to enhance your memory have been specially listed, from the basic methods that you can learn overnight to advanced methods that may take weeks to perfect. Although we’d love to explain detailed examples of each technique step-by-step, we didn’t want to make a post so long that it would bore you to death. So, have a tab open for Google, and get ready to memorize like you’ve never done so before!


The Number Rhyme Method


Memorizing numbers can be a bit of a challenge. This method transforms numbers into vivid, concrete images. And as you should know by now, concrete images are far easier to memorize than abstract symbols. This method serves the same purpose for memorizing ordered sets of information. But instead of the alphabet, you use numbers that are translated via their rhyming counterparts. For example, 1 = bun, 2 = shoe, 3 = sea, and so on. This method works the same as the alphabet peg. As you’ll soon find out this system is limited by the amount of numbers that rhyme with objects. Yet, it is a great method to memorize bits of information.


The Number Shape Method


The number shape can be applicable to higher numbers that we couldn’t reach using the number rhyme method. This method is easy to remember because you can physically picture each number looking like its paired object. Here, numbers are translated based on their appearance or shape. A tall, straight pencil represents 1, the curved neck of a Swan represents 2, the triple prongs of a pitchfork represent 3, and so on.


Memorizing Formulas


Now, that we know that numbers can be converted into images, the same can be done for mathematical symbols. This method is similar to the ‘number-shape’ method. A nurse with a red cross on her hat represents the plus symbol. A sleek submarine represents the subtraction symbol. A pocket-watch represents the multiplication or ‘times’ symbol. And, the object being sliced in half represents the fraction or division symbol. Again, you can look up images to other symbols, or make up your own. You are the inventor. Create a story that combine both symbols and numbers together in order to memorize math formulas


The Phonetic Number System or the Major System


You’ve seen that there are a few techniques to memorize numbers. Yet, the phonetic number system is by far the most effective for memorizing huge amounts of information. Instead translating numbers using rhyme or shape, this method transforms numbers based on sound. You can even go to say this is like learning another way to read and write. In this case, numbers are written as consonants while you insert your own vowels. For example, “Tie” or “Doe” represents 1; “TiN” or “DeN” represents 12; “TooNaMi” or “DyNaMo” represents 123. There are many possibilities. Initially, the system may appear difficult to use, but in the long run it is highly effective and there are no limitations to the length of numbers. It is this system that can literally allow you to effortlessly memorize 100 digits of pi almost overnight.


The Name to Face Method


This technique allows even the average Joe to remember the names of over 50 people after just meeting them once. In most cases, we remember someone’s face, but have trouble recalling the name that goes with it. To fix this problem, an association must be made for each name. For example, Karen can be represented by a bright orange “carrot.” The next step is to find a distinctive feature on the person; make sure it’s noticeable. It could be large eyebrows, long ears, or big lips, and link the association to the body part. That’s all there is to it! The next time you run into that person you’ll naturally focus on their facial feature, imagine the object that you linked, and almost magically, remember the name! The trick to this method, like any peg system, is preparing beforehand your own list of name associations. For those exotic and goofy names, you’ll have to make up an association on the spot. Go ahead and try it in the example above.

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