25 Foods That Claim To Be Organic But Have Dihydrogen Monoxide

Many people buy organic foods because they believe that these foods are of higher quality. Also, some people believe these foods contain higher nutrition and are safer for the environment. However, what some people don’t realize is that these so-called “organic foods” actually contain dihydrogen monoxide, a highly corrosive chemical that is responsible for many deaths. Check these 25 Foods That Claim To Be Organic But Have Dihydrogen Monoxide.


Organic Bread

Organic bread being slicedSource: Foodforlife.com

For bread to be considered organic, it has to have ingredients that are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMO), or ionizing radiation. What most people buying organic bread don’t take into consideration, however, is the chemical DM. If you’re going to buy organic bread make sure to check for this.


Organic Cereal

Man eating organic cerealSource: nytimes.com

Did you know that organic cereal exists? They’re made out of organically grown ingredients free of additives which include preservatives and colors. Great right? But again, most people don’t pay attention to the fact that these cereals are made using DM.


Organic Mustard

Organic mustard being squeezedSource: annies.com

Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of a mustard plant. However, as you probably know, regular non-organic mustard may be mixed with other unwanted chemicals such as food coloring and flavoring. Organic mustard is supposed to be done only using natural ingredients, but again, you have to watch out for DM.


Organic Eggs

Organic eggs sleepingSource: Peteandgerrys.com

The difference between an organic egg and a non-organic egg may not be visually obvious. After all, they’re both…well, natural. But there are differences, and it has to do with how the chicken is raised and harvested. Mainly, organic eggs come from chicken that are free of preventative antibiotics, are fed with food free of pesticides and other chemicals, and the hens are normally free-roaming (not caged). But even in eggs, you will find DM.


Organic Meat

Man eating organic raw meatwholefoodsmarket.com

Like eggs, organic meat has to do with how the animal from which the meat comes from is raised and harvested. Organic meat comes from animals that are raised in organic certified lands, are fed certified organic feed, are free of growth hormones and antibiotics, and have outdoor access. However, organic meat is full of DM. Some meat more than others.

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