25 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Kitty

When it comes to eating harmful foods, cats are usually more sensible than dogs, but there are still several things you should make sure your kitty will never get to eat. Cats have their own digestive system that is very different from ours, which is why foods that are absolutely safe for you might be actually very dangerous or even deadly for your cat. Therefore, it is important to know what foods should never be fed (whether intentionally or unintentionally) to cats. From raw eggs and grapes to bones and livers, here are 25 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Kitty.

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Canned tuna

Canned tunaSource: http://pets.webmd.com

Cats love to eat canned tuna, and this food is not as dangerous as some other things on the list, but large amounts of canned tuna can cause malnutrition as it lacks proper levels of vitamins and minerals you cat needs. A steady diet of canned tuna can also lead to thiamine deficiency and even mercury poisoning.



AlcoholSource: vets-now.com, image: pixabay.com

Alcohol is bad for humans, so it is not surprising that is harmful for poor pets, too. However, a cat’s tolerance to alcohol is much lower, and just a very little amount of alcohol (such as one tablespoon) can lead to serious problems for your cat including diarrhea, depression, problems with coordination, breathing difficulties etc.


Raw eggs

Raw eggsSource: vetstreet.com

Raw eggs are rich in vitamins, proteins, and nutrients, but they should not be given to cats as they may expose them to salmonella and other parasites that could lead to an inflamed pancreas known as pancreatitis. Some enzymes in raw eggs might also interfere with the absorption of certain B vitamins.



CandiesSource: wikipedia.org

No matter if candies are sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners, they are always dangerous to cats. If they contain sugar, they are bad for their teeth and might cause obesity or even diabetes mellitus, while artificially sweetened treats often contain xylitol, which can be deadly to them (see No. 21).



MilkSource: vetstreet.com

Naturally, kittens drink milk after they are born, but it does not mean milk is okay for them later in life. Milk contains some good stuff such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals, but it also contains lactose that many cats are intolerant to once they reach adulthood. Feeding your adult cat milk might cause diarrhea and other stomach upsets.


If this surprises you, wait until you see number 6!

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