25 Fictional Sports That Would be Crazy Dangerous in Real Life

A sport, by definition, is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Some of these include football, soccer, hockey, baseball, boxing, and the UFC.

Although many of these activities do result in injury, they are not nearly as dangerous as some made-up sports seen in movies and T.V. shows or read about in books. Imagine playing a racing game where the object was to run over as many people as possible; picture being in a fight where your opponent is trying to rip your skull out of your body.

These are just some examples. What made up sport could you imagine playing, or not playing? While you think about that, here are 25 Fictional Sports That Would be Crazy Dangerous in Real Life

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Mario Kart


Mario Kart is a racing game based on the Mario Bros franchise. It features Mario, Luigi, The Princess, Yoshii, Bowser, and others.

The game looks fun to play in the comfort of your own home. Yet, if you were to find yourself driving one of these carts in real life, you would need great reflexes, and the ability to live after crashing into a wall.




Rollerball is actually very similar to Roller derby, with just a minor difference. In Roller derby, the skaters go around a skating circle, while racing other skaters and maybe shoving or knocking them out of the way.

In Rollerball, the people skating have weapons and try to injure you very badly.


The Running Man


The Running Man is both a novel written by Richard Bachman (a.k.a. Stephen King) and a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It revolves around a game show, where convicted criminals try to outrun and outwit a team of bloodthirsty stalkers who are chasing after them with the intent to kill or maim them.


Percy Jackson's Capture the Flag


The rules of Capture the Flag are pretty simple. There are two opposing teams that are trying to get the flag that the other team has, while still defending their own.

If one were to play the version in the Percy Jackson stories, they would need to defend themselves against monsters hiding in the forest where the game is being played.


Airball: Avatar - The Last Airbender


Airball is a game that requires accuracy, speed, and (due to the fact that the game is played on long, towering poles) the balance of a professional tight rope walker. One must remember the reason why “Airbenders” or “Air Nomads” are very good at this game, and why mortals are not.

First, there’s the fact that air benders are a made group of people from an anime show. Secondly, they have the power to manipulate the air to move how and where they want.

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