25 Fearsome Soccer Hooligan Gangs You Never Want To Meet In Person

Loved by few, hated by many, feared by all – this is one of their mottos. Who are we talking about? Soccer hooligan gangs. The violent behavior now known as “soccer hooliganism” originated in England in early 1960´s but soon spread to many other European countries. Strict legislation and safety precautions have almost eradicated hooligan gangs in England but in many other countries all over the world, soccer hooliganism has flourished. Here are 25 of the most fearsome hooligan gangs.

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Dynamo Zagreb, Croatia

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Its major hooligan firm called The Bad Blue Boys belongs to the worst soccer thug groups in Europe. They are also known for their vocal and physical intimidation at soccer matches. The hard core of the group has hundreds of members who fight with any enemy firm but their biggest rivals are hooligans of the Red Star Belgrade.


Lazio Roma, Italy

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This highly organized gang called Irriducibili is one of the most brutal in Italy. Infamous for its fascist sentiments, this group even influences the transfer policy of the team and sometimes meets face to face with poor performing players.


Slask Wroclaw, Poland

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Polish hooligans are sometimes considered the most violent in the world with gangs often making friendly alliances. The battle of Wroclaw allied with Gdansk and Wisla Cracow against Gdynia, Poznan and Cracowia Cracow in 2003 which turned out to be one of the biggest hooligan fights in history. 229 rowdies got arrested, one was killed.


Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey

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The most famous Turkish hooligans. Their matches against their city rival Fenerbahce are among the most dangerous in the soccer world. Two years ago, the Galatasaray thugs even attacked the players of the other team.


Millwall FC , England

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The soccer team is actually known only thanks to its violent fans. Their extreme rivalry with West Ham United has even inspired several movies, one of them being The Green Street Hooligans with Elijah Wood. Their motto: “Nobody likes us, we don´t care” is well known among many other soccer fans.

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