25 Fastest Cars On The Road

Few people can say they are not truly fascinated with fast cars. They are sleek, highly designed, beautiful pieces of engineering that can reach dangerous speeds within a short period of time. With these cars a top speed is only meant to be broken as they are designed faster and more powerful with every iteration. Join us as we present to you 25 fastest cars on the road.

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Murciélago LP 670–4 SuperVeloce

25 Murcielago-LP-670-4-SV-R_tn

Running at a top speed of 212 mph when an optional spoiler is fitted, this supercar is “the ultimate” version of the Lamborghini’s Murciélago model.


Pagani Zonda F

24 pagani zonda f_tn

Built by the Italian manufacturer Pagani, the Pagani Zonda F was inspired by formula one champion Juan Miguel Fangio . This sleek car boasts of a 12-cylinder Mercedes-AMG 12 engine with a maximum output power of 650 HP and 780 Nm torque allowing it to reach top speeds of 217 mph.


Lamborghini Aventador

23 Lamorghini Aventador_tn

The Aventador was designed to replace the ten-year-old Murciélago as the new flagship model in the Lamborghini lineup. The Aventador LP 700–4 uses Lamborghini’s new 700 PS 6.5 liter 60° V12 engine weighing 235 kg. The new engine is Lamborghini’s fourth in-house engine and second V12. The Aventador’s official top speed is 217 mph; however it has been clocked at 230 mph.


Ferrari Enzo

22 enzo_tn

The Enzo has a reputation for being a high performance vehicle. It can accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.14 seconds and can reach 100 mph (160 km/h) in 6.6 seconds. The top speed has been recorded to be as high as 363 kilometers per hour (226 mph).


McLaren P1

21 2014-mclaren-p1-front-right_tn

The McLaren P1 is a plug-in hybrid supercar by English automotive manufacturer McLaren Automotive.The P1 features a revised version of the 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine used in the MP4-12C, tuned to 727 bhp. The hybrid powertrain is connected to a 7 speed dual-clutch transmission, and will give a total power output of 916PS (903 bhp) at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque figure of 900Nm (664 lb ft). It is capable of 385 km/h (239 mph), but is electronically limited to 349 km/h (217 mph).

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