25 Fast Food Menu Items That Failed Miserably

Fast-food restaurant chains are constantly trying new things and are in a constant competition over which has the best and most unique menus items in the hopes of luring new customers. However, in this nonstop race to come up with the next buzzworthy food item mistakes are bound to happen. From McDonald’s Hula Burger to Pizza Hut’s Priazzo these are 25 Fast Food Menu Items That Failed Miserably.


Burger King’s Enormous Omelette Sandwich

Enormous_Omelet_Sandwich_unwrappedImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Burger King’s enormous omelette sandwich was released in 2005 and included an egg omelette, sausage, and cheese on a big sesame seed bun. Surprisingly, the sandwich was considered too big for customers and was discontinued.


Dairy Queen’s Breeze

Dairy Queen’s BreezeImage: americandigest.org

The Dairy Queen Breeze was conceived as a healthier version of the popular Blizzard ice cream treat, made with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. It plodded along for about a decade before DQ pulled the plug, claiming the demand was so low that the frozen yogurt often went bad before it could be sold.


Burger King’s Satisfries

Burger King’s SatisfriesImage: gratisfaction.co.uk

Burger King’s “great-tasting crinkle-cut, reduced-fat, reduced-calorie French fries,” also known as Satisfries, were removed from the menu in about two-thirds of its restaurants in North America less than a year after their debut in September 2013. Seriously now, with a name like Satisfries, they really hoped they could be trending?


Burger King’s Burger Shots

Burger King’s Burger ShotsImage: grubgrade.com

BK Burger Shots were Burger King’s version of sliders but customers never showed any fondness for them and so they were discontinued in record time back in 1987.


All Things “Super-Size” at McDonald’s

All Things “Super-Size” at McDonald’sImage: metro.co.uk

Super-size was a super successful project with millions of happy customers that lasted for over a decade. However, all that changed when independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock released his documentary Super Size Me in 2004. The film showed Spurlock eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month, and how it negatively damaged his body and health. Super Size Me was the death knell for McDonald’s “super-size it” idea and by the end of 2004 it was gone forever.

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